Assignment 2: GF1004 – Inspirations behind assignment


Recap on GF1004 (Foundations on getting a GF) : A geeky scholar goes on a transformation to get a GF. Inspired by his brother, which was also his love mentor, he learns the ropes off websites and even daringly asked a stranger for her number using the pick-up lines he picked up along the way. Did he succeed eventually?


Director’s comments: “I didn’t just want a typical romance script. Conventional and typical storylines are not my style. I like my audience to be surprised. Also, I create subtle visual metaphors and motifs along the way to invoke thoughts in my viewers and make them rewatch again to joint the dots.”


When I idealized the concept, I wasn’t thinking of any films or dramas in particular but out of spontaneity.


Perhaps, it was the type of genre that influences my sense of humour and style.


  1. I love comedies

200 pounds beauty is a tear-jerking romance comedy about the drastic transformation of a plus-sized lady to a voluptuous beauty, all in the name of love. The idea of this movie probably sparked the idea of my assignment subconsciously.

I’d say I’m a selective person when it comes to movies. Comedies, rom-coms and horror-comedies are the sole genres that I watch. “How can you not like fast cars and exploding action all over that widescreen?!” Mmm, just nah.


2. I like hot bods


Then again, who doesn’t? In my opinion, half the battle is won with a visually attractive protagonist. Good (and good-looking) casts increases the success in telling the story as well as the way its packed. I am personally into fitness and aesthetics and one of my motivations is Zyzz.

His transformation from dork to ‘God’ was insane. Although he died at 21, he is still ‘worshipped’ by many gym enthusiasts till this day. I incorporated this transformation into my script, with James going from geek to buff boy.


3. I love plot twists. Because plot twists.

An example of plot twists in Thai ads

In my clip, there was a scene after my end credits roll just like a movie, where only those that stayed behind will be rewarded.

It turned out that despite the person James had been texting all along was a guy,they still hugged and went off together although he was previously shocked during the reveal. Furthermore, James was holding a banana, a motif linking viewers back to one of the first scenes. I watch lots of Thai advertisements which always pops out a hilarious plot twist. This heavily influences my sense of humour and style.


Some points audience might have missed:


Jesse – A unisex name chosen to show the overlooked possibility that it could’ve been a guy. In speech it also sounds like “Jessie”.

Red shirt (semiotic) – James was portrayed to be in love from wearing red shirts all the way after Jesse and him started texting.1014

Banana (semiotic & motif) – sign that he might be into his own gender


Girl that gave number – The text was phrased in a way that it was just digits, not her digits. In the picture, she was also seen staring into James’ eyes the whole time while she was punching in RANDOM digits into his phone. He was scammed by a stranger player.





That’s all folks! Can’t wait to see everyone’s final project for 4D!


C&C welcomed.

Thank you!

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