Class activity: Hello My Name is


My name is Val, what’s yours!

We started the ball rolling during the first lesson with a class activity – by introducing our names and ourselves using typography, abstract and conceptual ways.

Time to squeeze out our creative juices!



This typography also has concept behind it – I’m trying to bring across that I like things to be seen in more than one perspective.

It really makes you think and changes the way you see something.

Just like how my name here forms a ‘diamond’ if you see it as a whole. Because being able to look and deal with things in another perspective is indeed, a gem!

Coincidentally (or not), there is a term “perspectival”. (which originated from the word perspective itself)

Analyzing further, the letters are in bold as my name itself means valour!

IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0564



Here are some sketches I came up with  with the help of

At the same time, I was also churning out ideas for project 1, which also requires us to experiment with various typography.




Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.43.30 PM



Abstract is so abstract that you just start doodling strokes here and there. However, I thought I’d keep it minimal and stick to a barcode.

Again, it comes with concept behind it – you wouldnt know what am i just by looking at me on the surface, but if you further analyze (scan) me, only then you’ll start to.

Also if you analyzed, the numbers on the barcode spells my name if you typed it on a keypad!



Thought process: things that signify me

Waffles – hard on the outside, soft on the inside. I can be a softie but I dont show it

Onion – many layers of me. The more comfortable I am with you, the more ratchet I get

Sushi – sometimes I feel that my ideas are sushi-ty. Sometimes I feel that it’s su-fresh. And I like to play with puns very matcha. Udon know how punny I can get – until you analyze me like a barcode and then youll change your perspective of me.

Or will you?6416d3c22555ee75bf4987ff45c564e4


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