Project 1: F I N A L

Well hello there!


Great seeing everyone’s works the other day and congrats getting the first project down errrrrrrbardi!

Here’re my final 4!



My hard drive got wiped out and I had to redo my works and died like a Kenny. But oh hello i’m still alive but barely breathing after this whole episode :—-)

okay cut to the chase

My name is Val and I am a….



While coming up with several versions of this, I was so vexed as I just didn’t know how to compose this image with so many elements to place?!

How some of my compositions turned out


Eh this isn’t “I am a qian shou guanyin” trait right…


The three images of me with this positioning reminds me of Fu Lu Shou man3

The use of space isn’t quite right, feels empty in the middle! (and my hands make me look like i’m drowning. But yes, save me)


Visual map doesn’t guide the eye the way I intend to!

The next thing I know, I was jamming hard on my drumkit and my guitar when inspiration started to hit me. Oh hell yeah!

The idea of using of design synectics came in and I started rearranging the elements according to those principles which include scale, isolation, superimposing and repetition. 

Feels rewarding to apply what we’ve learnt in semester 1 for projects that followed! Thanks Mimi! @mimishamsuddin75kfollowersoninstagram

Also, Russian Constructivism was a brilliant way of playing with this concept of music enthusiasm with the coincidences of the letter R (ROCK & REVOLUTION) and the FIST

Reference – Posters

Initially, I only had the idea of using a single image to portray this trait – the fist holding drumsticks. However, it seemed to be lacking of my personality and a sense of dynamism in my work. Putting several details together like a poster seemed to do the job well hence, a grunge-looking russian constructivism poster!

I’M  A  H U G E F A N  O F  T H E 1 9 7 5


While thinking of how to best portray this trait that I really love this band, I was actually in morose because I missed their concert here just last month /starts sobbing all over again

This explains the dark tone used in this particular work

Funny how their song actually still sets a spark in me whenever i’m down, even when I was right there missing the chance to see them perform live.

Issit I feel like crying while typing this OSS post….

Oh oh, Matty from the 1975 has something to say:


Wah feeling so cheesy saying it but the lyrics of their songs illuminates the passageway to my soul, therefore the tunnel in the backdrop to accentuate this point

Basically I’m using neon signs against a dark pathway as a metaphor for these feelings

Accompanied by a neon sign that spells my name, it creates a vintage look that hints an idea of a band

Majoring in interactive media, this gave me some inspiration of turning it into an installation on its own, accompanied by their hitsong. Sounds like an idea?


Best way of presenting this work: 

A 1975 song playing in the background

Project this piece of work on the screen with lights dimmed out

An invisible me commentating whatever i’ve mentioned above through the speakers


It’s all about the feels for this one


Moving to the matured and more serious side of me, my works are presented in black and white for the following traits

I  W A N T  T O  B E  A N  E N T R E P R E N E U R


Creator of my own brand

The Chinese words reads “Qun Dian”

Qunen is my chinese name and dian translates to shop!

The words are designed in bold intentionally. It actually means that i’m making a bold statement to telling others of my aspirations of making it as a boss of my own business someday!

I wanted it to be monochrome to enhance the professional image of a brand name and at the same time have an artsy x vintage feel to it

Here are other parody versions I came up with!

Jack Daniels


Creator of my own brand - BURGER Creator of my own brand - beer Creator of my own brand - beer 2
Creator of my own brand - sports

Last but not least

I like seeing things in more than one perspective

Perspective with border

“Everything is about perspective.” Val, 2016. Perspective is involved from judging an OSS post to scanning an instagram picture before you hit the double tap to positioning the angle you take your selfie from.

How we appreciate something could be a totally different case from your friends, neighbours or dog.

Therefore to portray this idea of perspective, try flipping the picture upside down. It spells my name yet again.


Initially it didn’t have borders and I was bothered at how plain it was on its own. Therefore to enhance the hint of vintage feel for each piece of work, I added in the borders extracted from Jack Daniel’s packaging, borrowing its vintage typeface elements.

Oh, and so happens theres this term called “perspectival” too, LOL

Perhaps I could work on an ambigram that spells perspectival when you flip it over.

Why is it that ideas start to flow more when the project is over? Oh well, the process never ends for learning!

Cheers guys! See you all back in school!

You can have a look at my research here!

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2D Foundation II: Project 1 Research II

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  1. Hey Val!

    Very funny about the qian shou guan yin and fu lu shou lol! Your posts always makes me laugh.

    I see you’ve changed your ‘i want to be inked’ to the perspective one! It’s interesting to note that the ambigram of your name is in a somewhat gothic font which seems like it could work as some kind of temporary punk tattoo (those you piak on your skin and add water one) too.

    Anyway, I love your 1975 one the most. It’s so pretty I can almost envision it being printed on a band tee.

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