ACM Museum visit

Museum visits: Appreciate art. Learn history. Take instagram photos. 


Friday, 26 Aug

The ACM is no unfamiliar place to us.  Previously, we took a tour of this place looking at Buddhist & Hindu art from India, Japan and China for the last semester. This time,  we focused on artifacts that were closer to home – South-East Asia.



Looking at the artifacts alluded in me a deep sense of wonder. Just by the seeing how far back it was dated, I start to think about the historical events that went behind the object itself. What did these large vases store? Did people bathe in them since they’re pretty huge? Or did parents throw their kids inside these large vases when they get out of hand? Okay I kid.





We were thoroughly amused by the new wave of exhibitions that were featured, especially the Christian art in asia.

We literally went ‘Oh My God’. The pieces were gorgeous and this one particularly caught my attention. From afar, it looks like your typical tua pek gong altar, spotting japanese silk screen characteristics on the flaps as well as traces of chinese ornamental traits and motifs. The eclectic style of this piece was enhanced by the iconography of Jesus Christ himself.

Moving on, we found some familiar..looking..object. Oh what a transition after talking about sacred objects of Christianity.

IMG_6284 IMG_6287


And oh look, its Groot.’



Oh yay something we could analyse and have some contextual knowledge about. My chosen object for visual analysis must be near.

There,there. A few to choose from! Yama on a lintel I choose you!

IMG_6303 IMG_6305 IMG_6308 IMG_6309