Narrative for Interaction: Ideation

Horror-themed Puzzle : Picking up clues to form a narrative

Think Mystery. Enigma. Conundrum. Along with a dark theme. Who wouldn’t love a story plot along the lines of that? Okay maybe not everyone but it’s sure to intrigue some.


As the name goes, the interactive horror-thriller online game is only available to ‘guests’ from 6pm to 6am. Between this timing, you can play a game made up of mini heart-thumping tasks as you take a walk through the haunted hotel.

It has heart-racing interactivity as users are picking up clues and solving puzzles along the way.

Examples of interactive gameplay

  • Scanning across the room in pitch darkness with a camera.  post-8-1223759419
  • A click will trigger a flash in its pitch darkness and you need to capture an image of the ghost that runs around the room.







Another one is to collect clues

  • You accidentally enter the courts of a decapitated asylum and get greeted with a psycho that happens to look like Amos Yee


  • You scan around the room to find drawings on the wall – clues you have to remember
  • untitled


  •  Prompted by a random generated question  eg. Enter the number of eyes / number of horse legs marked on the wall
  • You key the right code combination and you make it through to the next round, continuing your narrative


Will you play my game?



Platforms: Website / VR Headset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

One medium I’ve always wanted to work with is the VR headset.

It’s a burgeoning technology and the ideas of an interactive narrative on this platform is countless.

I tend to picture my end product before I work on the topics so i’ll just leave this here

Ultimately, I hope to create a work that would hold the audience attention and be ‘addicted’ to it instead of a one-time project / interaction for IM year 2.2


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