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These 6 Unique Video Games Battle Anxiety and Depression, One Level at a Time

With our project on the topic of mental health, I found an narrative game that also seeks to raise awareness on this illness. A feature of this game that caught my attention were the kinds of metaphors is uses to illustrate depression – it’s not direct which leaves room for interpretation.


The game has its high and low points where at certain parts, the character drifts and breezes through a canopy and the music gets cheery and faster. The mood gradually changes where falling leaves start to get fewer and backdrop gets gloomier – a great play of  metaphorical emotional landscape. Essentially, the player is going on a search on their passion.


For our project, perhaps we could adopt the idea of contrasting moods of what a person with depression might go through. Also, the play of character choices where the outcome of the character might not exactly correspond with what the player chose.

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