Alter ego: Music Artist

I aspire to be a Music artist and drive fast cars. But there's a glitch in this reality. This is for a school assignment so bear with me please!

Posted by Val Lay on Wednesday, 23 August 2017

‘I aspire to be a music artist – but there’s a glitch in this reality’ – Val Lay, 2017

Have you guys heard of Coachella? One of the biggest (used to be indie) music festivals of all time. I’ve always wanted to be there, not just a music lover or concert goer but as a performing act.

This is my alter ego.


The environment I used to portray my music studio is my living room. Props I used are musical instruments which are literally everywhere.

I own about 8 guitars, an electric drum kit, some ukuleles, and other random instruments. I am really an ardent music fan which not many might know, hence I thought this could be an alter ego to portray.



At the start of the video, I also performed a song for a few lines on the guitar. I initially wanted to smash the guitar (ive actually done it before) like how rockstars do it but I thought that was too ratchet for a one-minute assignment. This was simply spontaneous and I just sang the first song that came to my mind, which happens to be Chocolate by The 1975, a band that has performed at Coachella a couple of years back.

Suiting the look

There’s this certain Coachella style of dressing where concert goers and performers don, one of which is the bandana

Justin Bieber wearing it

Concert goer wearing it

You get it. Bandanas as hipster music artist prop to fit the look

How is video and social media used to alter identity? How might they be used to conceal identity?

As I read what Randall posted for us to think about, I realised these were the questions i’ve always thought about while scrolling through social media

I came to a conclusion: it’s all about being selective in choosing what you show to audience

aka all about the angles!!!!!!!!

As I was live, I was trying showing my audience how my living room looks like a music studio in the best that I can. Therefore, I panned to angles where the music instruments are.

However, as seen in this screenshot, you might’ve caught a glimpse of an untidy dining table. Which was not meant to be shown.

In other words, we very selectively choose to show what we want others to see. And this is done through angles in videos or other forms of images on social media

For example something like this – that happened somewhat close to us, at Clementi

Photo taken from

Exploring Glitch Art

In my caption, I phrased it as ‘I aspire to be a music artist but there’s a glitch in this reality’. This glitch was literal – seen with this filter used on purpose as well as how things are in reality.

I said I dream I could be a musician that made it big and drive fast cars but in reality, all I have is a one-seater posh car for kids 3 years and below. Hence, that was what I was trying to communicate, that glitch in reality


In summary, this micro-project made me think quite abit on how Youtubers or ‘Influencers’ mould and curate their content to only show others what they need to see. Which actually doesn’t make them come off as ‘real’ as i’d actually like them to be.

On a side note, friends have texted me or mentioned to me that this social broadcasting exercise was cool!

Although some really don’t get it. But yet they want to be part of such projects next time.

Can’t wait to create more content soon!

Ciao for now!

Val Lay out.

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  1. You have already established a musical persona with a glitch identity. Now the question might be, how do you express yourself musically? We never heard you play? And how might the glitch visual aesthetic work its way into your music, perhaps in the form of noise? I think you are part way to Coachella but want to see where you are taking things musically!

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