Project 1: Storyboarding and Ideation

Idea: Laser Tag Game using Arduino, Max and i-Cubex

Quick Ideation


  • Touch will light up the LED
  • Different pressure results in different light intensity

  • Colors range changes depending on pressure of grip

Area lights up accordingly as it gets hit

Putting the idea together

  • It eventually led up to an LED laser tag game with players in a dark room with maze/obstacles.
  • A lifespan bar will be lit (full LED strip) and reflected on walls/ceiling acting like a scoreboard.
  • 8 pressure sensors will be placed on players and points will be deducted when nerf gun bullets are shot on these spots.
  • Additional game component: pressure sensors hidden at various parts of the room. Press the activate more ‘life’


Sound activated when bullet hits pressure sensors. Light also changes from Red to green on LED strip when ‘hit’

(video to be added)

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