Cross-streaming Facebook Invite Test

So Facebook decided to up their game and created a ‘invite’ feature for ‘live’ videos, inviting countless ideas to the already many ideas we have for our final project.

This feature helped my partner and I communicate better – it became two-to many from the one-to many. Pretty interesting as we could now give commands to each other without hassle.

Technical errors: Bandwidth and a stable connection is really the core of delivering a good ‘live’ broadcast to a large extent. My partner’s face would be lagged with a failure icon at some points, breaking the flow of the broadcast.

Suggestions for our final broadcast

  • Work on concepts where latency do not matter
  • Think of the outcome of grids when collectively performed
  • Put two pairs together in other to create a ‘cross cross-stream’
  • Create a ‘two-to-many-ception’ with OBS screen capture

More technical tests to be done to experiment this! Trial and error yea?

OBS Technical Test (didn’t get posted oops)


The technical test ran more smoothly than expected apart from minor connection hiccups and audio levels.

Location – Siewhua and I found a spot in the Thursday classroom for our desktop terminal as we knew everyone else left the class for other locations – leaving more bandwidth for us 🙂

Audio levels – Staying put was good as the connection went smoothly. The only little issue was with the sound in finding the right balance and mix between environmental sound and the background track.

Mobile streaming – In order to portray the nice architecture of our school, I was certain to have the sunken plaza as part of our misc-en-scene. I did a few pans around the area and all was good and fitted well with the chaos and destruction of the green screen until latency occurred. It kept happening a random spots around the sunken plaza which was hard to trace. I guess a beautiful location comes with the price of bad bandwidth. Even with mobile data, the connection was also unable to be received. Hence, just like the very principle of Hole-In-space, bandwidth is very important for ANY ‘live’ stream broadcast, not just large scale screens.

Things to take note for going ‘live’ later:

  • Do not stay at specific areas of sunken plaza too long! Hop around the upper levels instead!
  • Watch out for other ‘live’ classmates to get a chance to ‘cross cross-stream’!
  • Be spontaneous! Be raw and frank just like the videofreex! Perfection isn’t the thing to look at here!

Siewhua’s technical test

Val’s technical test