Interactive Narration

Quandary is an online game that challenges students to make important decisions and think critically when there are no clear right or wrong answers.

It has a narrative that comes in comic format. I’d say it’s perfect for lazy people as there is even a voice narrator when you hover over the speech bubbles!

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A higher level of interactivity comes to play when users get to exercise their decision making

How it goes

You play the captain aka the judge. The fate of planet Braxos lies in your hands. It starts off by laying out 4 solutions and narrowing down with two, followed by making decisions that are built on the previous ones.

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At the last part, your aim is to sort out who will agree and who will disagree. Eventually, the conclusion is told in a brief comic and your score is tallied.

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This is a practical game for schools to adopt as part of teaching students to work with ethical skills and decision-making. The storyline is engaging and it actually compels you to think and tests your memory.


I would’ve scored a better grade back in junior school if i played these games instead of Battleon.


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