FYP Ideation progress: Food Wastage

After some serious thought on the topics i’ve presented on previously,  I decided to go with tackling the topics of Food Waste.

Give the topic a search and tons of articles start to appear from countries across the globe, indicating the seriousness of this social issue.

One might think of a food getting poured into the bin as their first thought of food waste. But they come in several forms namely

  1. Untouched by the consumer
  2. Not bought in the supermarket
  3. Destroyed in transport
  4. Inedible caused by bad cooking

Whatever the case, it is estimated that 1/3 of the food in the world goes to waste.

Also, 40% of the average household bin is made up of food.

A social experiment by American youtuber Joey Salads puts things into perspective, when he reveals the amount of food waste in a bin in 1 hour at just 1 eatery.

To put things into a local context, i’m glad I actually found this funny video of Singapore comedy channel Ministry of Funny.

Indeed why are people angry when he threw bread on the floor, when actually much more is happening this second?

So, why are only people noticing when one blatantly steps out on the streets of orchard road to throw some bread?

What I would like to achieve out of my project is to allow others to realise the immensity of food wastage happening every moment and perhaps include a shock factor that has an element of participatory or an experience.

In moving forward…

I will continue to keep a food journal of my own food wastage and observe the public in general to find mediums that will best bring the message across.

Keeping track of my food waste has made me more conscious on the food I purchase and partake in general. A good thing?