Project 1: A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk.







The project itself is done with various experimental monoprinting methods with random available materials. The final product is below:





Of the entire print set, the ones I felt best encapsulate their stipulated emotion is:


With this particular emotion I first considered the idea of anxiety and anxious feelings. Inspired by a friend, the idea of social anxiety popped into my mind, and it would be interesting to be able to depict this through the print. I decided to dip my fingers into the ink, and rapidly tapped out this piece, making sure they were as random and arbitrary as possible. I wanted to depict the idea of a constant overlapping of people in one’s life and how too much of it becomes overpowering and terrifying, even dark. When someone with social anxiety is faced with a large group of people, they tend to become fidgety and anxious, and they won’t be able to stop moving. What I wanted to go for is an almost fearful aura, especially because of the numerous fingerprints, but I really wanted to depict that anxious, terrified feeling one would get from social anxiety.






I really wanted to convey the idea of impulsivity here in this piece. What I decided to do then, was take a piece of plastic, crumple it up, unfold it, and dip it in paint. This resulted in varying textures as the plastic wrapper would form different folds and contours. When I then started pressing the wrapper onto the paper, it was able to form a varied texture. Some parts will have thicker paint which therefore leaves a large patch on the paper. It was able to recreate the texture of splattered blood which makes it visually interesting.

FullSizeRender (1)



I decided to go experimental with this piece and utilised the side of a brush. I dipped it in ink very lightly, and the contours of the brush was able to form this interesting texture that felt like paint lightly running across the paper, but yet with a strange structure to it. I made sure my touch was light so that I could really capture the essence of fragility, and the odd spots of paint only adds to the illusion of fragility.

FullSizeRender (2)

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