Veda Sutedjo – Project 1: Que Sera

Monsters: This job was a development from my initial idea of being an animator.  For the job as a “monster”, I had to ensure each letter had significant aspects of a monster that had claws, strange eyes, sharp teeth in order for all the letters to have similar styles. As for the background, since Monsters are commonly associated with ‘hiding under… Read more →

4D Project 3: Research

Woooo its our last project! The brief given to us was definitely challenging, requiring us to experiment with video, sound and body for a site-specific performance or installation that would evoke a response from the audience. Moreover, it had to be a development from one of our previous projects, which would be quite a challenge since we would need to source out… Read more →

Project 1: Que Sera

Hello everyone! For this project, we were to create typographic portraits using our name to describe our future job. This job referred to anything, which allowed for more creative exploration of unconventional jobs. We were told to think of our name as a shape, taking into consideration the choice of typeface, style, size, weight, spacing, capitalisation et cetera. The important thing was… Read more →

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