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Project 1: Que Sera

Hello everyone! For this project, we were to create typographic portraits using our name to describe our future job.¬†This job referred to anything, which allowed¬†for more creative exploration of unconventional jobs. We were told to think of our name as a shape, taking into consideration the choice of typeface, style, size, weight, spacing, capitalisation et cetera. The important thing was… Read more →

Project 2: Sequentially – Impossibilities of Being – No Dreams

Hi everyone! This is the final sequence of 90 images for this¬†project titled “No Dreams”. The reason for this is because¬†when I sleep, I never get dreams – only nightmares. One of my most prominent nightmares is me getting chased by Red Indians – usually the Indian Chief. The nightmare always begins with me in my bed about to fall… Read more →

4D Project 1: Picture Story – Curating Self

When we were first given this project, I felt rather daunted by the fact we had to take pictures of ourselves¬†revealing¬†our personality and character, especially since I am a little introverted. However, I did learn a lot from this project – not only about the technical handling of the camera such as how to effectively adjust the aperture or shutter… Read more →

3D Rectilinear Volumes Process

Hello everyone! Great job we finished our first 3D project! I honestly struggled a lot during this project, trying to understand the aspect of the Dominant, Subdominant and Subordinate – especially when we had to do a 2D sketch analysis on it. I was so confused with regards what should be halved or cut into threes, and how I could… Read more →

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