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Project 1: Que Sera

Hello everyone! For this project, we were to create typographic portraits using our name to describe our future job. This job referred to anything, which allowed for more creative exploration of unconventional jobs. We were told to think of our name as a shape, taking into consideration the choice of typeface, style, size, weight, spacing, capitalisation et cetera. The important thing was… Read more →

Forest Grump Project: Works in Progress!

Hello everyone!   The movie I chose was Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki! This was the second Ghibli film I watched (the first being Totoro), and it really left an impact on me because the animation was beautiful and it had an extremely meaningful storyline. Till now I still remember some of the lines by the characters! Anyhow, the quotes… Read more →

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