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Art Science Museum Exhibition Reviews

Future World Exhibition : Sketch Aquarium

In this installation visitors are given crayons and paper to draw their own sea creatures which would be scanned in and projected on screen, coming alive and animated. I was immediately drawn to the exhibit when I realised that my drawings could be projected on the big screen. I was interested to see how it would come to life. After scanning in my image, I was so excited to see it swim around along with the other drawings. I was even more shook when I found out that I could physically interact with the drawings through waving my hands in front of the screen, affecting the movement of the animated drawings as they swum around the large projected aquarium.

I chose this as one of my favourite exhibits as it was the one that got me the most excited. I love that it is interactive and allows visitors to have a hand in creating the world that is seen in front of them.

Future World Exhibition: A Table Where Little People Live

In this installation, an entire world consisting of tiny people is projected onto a single table. When left alone, the world functions on it’s own, with the little people going about their usual routine. Upon closer inspection, when you place an object on the table, the tiny people will interact with the object that is placed there, moving around it or playing with it. The tiny characters respond to both the projected and physical environment that they are in, and visitors can directly affect change in their environment.

I chose this as another one of my favourite installations due to it’s interactive quality. Just like the aquarium one, it looked normal from afar, but only when you go up close do you realise that there is more to it. It was entertaining watching the little people interact with the objects I placed on the table and I enjoyed being able to play with it.


Overall, I enjoyed the trip of the Art Science Museum. Having only previously been to the Biennale, this was my second time going to an art exhibition this year. One major difference in the installations at the Art Science Museum as compared to the ones at the Biennale was that here, the exhibitions are mostly interactive and invite the viewer to play with the objects in the installation. This gives the exhibitions an added quality of interest. I also love the consistent theme of light in this exhibit.

A similarity I have noticed in the installations that I am drawn to are their interactive qualities. Before this, I had never given video installations much thought. It was a really enriching experience witnessing the variety of video installations here and It was my first time witnessing such projection technology. Moving forward, it would be in interesting thing to think about when creating installations in the future.