Project 1

Today in class we used the objects we bought from last week to make the animals we envisioned. Mine was a turtle.

As i had bought an old wok as my shell, it was tough cutting off the thick handles with the flimsy-looking metal cutter, but i made it work in the end.

Another obstacle was finding sturdy legs for the tortoise – I had chosen a very heavy pot as it’s shell. As i couldn’t find anything suitable during the scavenge last week, I settled for 4 milo cans from the vending machine.

I think that my tortoise turned out reasonable, but there are definitely areas whereby i could have improved on, like the replacing overly-heavy body with something lighter (and possibly cheaper) and finding sturdier legs.

I would definitely focus more on finding the correct pieces for the form that i want to portray in the future, and reduce my final product to something more minimalistic which gets the message across.

Thieves Market

Today we went to Thieves Market @ Bugis to scavenge for old stuff to build our animal of choice.


There was an abundance of junk to choose from, & I managed to get most of the parts i needed for my tortoise.