In A World… Sequential Imaging


In a world of loneliness and isolation, documentary filmmaker DAVEY discovers TILDA – a woman who remembers her past life. However, due to tabloid news outlets butchering her story, she no longer does interviews. DAVEY is intrigued by her and is determined to make a documentary about her. One day, he sets up an “accidental” run – in with TILDA and persuades her to do the documentary with him. She resists at first, but reluctantly agrees after realizing that his intentions are pure.

As the documentary progresses, their relationship deepens and DAVEY develops strong feelings for TILDA. TILDA tells DAVEY about an affair from her past life and reveals that she has not gotten over her old lover. DAVEY realizes that he does not stand a chance with her and keeps his feelings secret. Soon after, he finishes filming and leaves in a cab with the footage.