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Visual Research: Poster Analysis

MichaelGeorgeHaddad // Funhouse
Choice of poster for analysis 

What is the poster communicating?

The poster above is promoting an event; it seems to be a promotional poster for a venue advertising deals for the second Friday of every month.

What emotion does the design elicit?

Looking at the choice of colour and graphics, the poster has a very grunge and underground kind of aesthetic, giving an overall mysterious vibe. It makes me curious to find out more about the event.

What makes the poster captivating? Discuss the use and effect of imagery, text, texture, colour.

One of the visual elements that makes the poster captivating is the choice of colour. The pop of vibrant yellow draws a strong contrast against the background and image’s muted colour palette, drawing attention to the title without making the poster look too gaudy.

Another captivating element of the poster is the image and use of half-tone. The image complements the overall aesthetic of the poster and the use of one subject allows it to have a simple composition that is easy on the eyes. The use of half-tone adds to the overall mood as well, and adds a layer of texture to the image, making more attention-grabbing.

How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability?

The combination of visuals in the poster is harmonious; the graphics such as the image, halftone, colour palette, and fonts work very well together, giving a unanimous aesthetic and mood. Additionally, despite the boldness of each graphic, the muted colour palette prevents it from being too jarring, allowing for easy readability.

The use of sans serif fonts also allow for easy readability. Important details such as the prices and event timing is displayed in a font that is legible.

How do you feel about the approach and execution?

Overall, I think the poster is effective in generating visual interest because of its choice of graphics, colour palette, textures, and fonts, it is eye-catching but at the same time, its graphics work together harmoniously. Additionally, I feel that the poster complements the type of event as well.

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