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The Grand Design

The points brought up in this segment of the reading allowed me to have a better sense of the elements that determine the basics of good typography. Some of the points brought up in the reading that I intend to follow in future practices of type design include:

  • Legibility 
  • “Applying scents, paints and iron stays to empty prose” 
  • A link 
  • Transformation of text
  • Replication of script
  • To these blind and often invisible visions, the typographer must respond in visible terms
  • To successfully fulfil an intended purpose
  • Interpret and communicate the text 
  • Separate and group bodies of text (analyse and map the text)
  • Identity and form 
  • “Writing merges with typography, and the text becomes its own illustration”
  • Tie other visual elements together 
  • Selecting appropriate typefaces 
  • Consider the block of texts, columns and margins, shaping the page
  • Consider minute details 
  • Invite the reader into the text
  • Reveal the tenor and meaning of the text 
  • Clarify the structure and the order of the text 
  • Link the text with other existing elements 
  • Induce a stage of energetic repose, which is the ideal condition for reading 

Checklist for Good Typography

Keeping in mind the points discussed in the reading, I hope to consider the following aspects when designing a piece of collateral in future:

Image of personal checklist for good Typography

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