Supernatural: Entanglement | Moodboards

Concept 1: Symbiotic Relationships

The first concept involves conveying the idea of symbiotic relationships through illustrating two separate communities (one inhabited by humans and another by supernatural beings from famous Japanese folklore) living side-by-side.

Concept 1: Moodboard A
Concept 1: Moodboard B
Reference Artists
Key Elements & Intended Style

Some of the key elements or words I intend to use are:

  • Thin and detailed strokes
  • Grids and tiles
  • Isometric
  • Connectivity
  • Roman or Turkish baths
  • Animals
  • Water features

The intended style will be inspired by patterns used in Memphis designs, and will use faded contrasting colours with mostly cool tones accompanied by small bursts of strong pinks and reds.


Concept 2: Embracing Paradoxes

The second concept, inspired by the Taoist Tao Te Ching, shows the idea of embracing paradoxes to achieve happiness and enlightenment through the use of symbols in popular legends (the Roman god, Janus, in this case). The representation of these symbols will be given a modern twist.

Concept 2: Moodboard A
Concept 2: Moodboard B
Reference Artists
Key Elements & Style

Some of the key elements I intend to use are:

  • Central focus
  • Rays of light
  • Focus on fluid strokes
  • Elements that clearly distinguish the past and future
  • Elements that represent the Roman god, Janus

The intended style will either have an Asian influence (with thin strokes) or Western influence (more emphasis on texture and invisible outline). The colours will comprise of a cooler and darker colour palette with bursts of bright neon pinks, purples, greens, or blues.


Concept 3: Transcending into Afterlife

The third concept is inspired by the legend of the River Styx and its narrative will be used to show an idea of how information is transmitted from one space to another, maybe across dimensions. Similar to Concept 2, the symbols used will be given a modern twist.

Concept 3: Moodboard A
Concept 3: Moodboard B
Reference Artists
Key Elements & Style

Some of the key elements I intend to use are:

  • Fluid strokes
  • Rays of lights
  • Water ripples
  • Smoke
  • Repeated human limbs or features
  • Coins
  • Hands
  • Boats and oars

The intended style, with a heavy focus on the texture and nature of water, will be fluid, smokey and dreamy. To further invoke this ‘dreamy’ kind of visual, the colour palette will be contrasting with dark blues and greens against bright neon-like colours.

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