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‘Richard, that was a close shave if we haven’t followed the protocol she would’ve followed you. Please never EVER do that again?’

Richard pushed his hair back, heaved a sigh and fell back into his chair before checking on his stats.

The room fell into silence once again as the faction stared at the stone wall. On the stone wall, a projection of Tammy showed her staring at the space in front of her bed.


‘Why does Pa always think that I’m such an ______ whenever I am not with him? What did i do so wrong

2D2 Project: Que Sera


Important things to take note of:

  • Get the essence right
  • have a simple yet informed background

What job do I want in the future (choose 4):

  1. Hitman for dishonored – Gun, Target, Suit, gloves
  2. National Team Player – Rugby ball, field lines, boots, jersey (my first love)Football Players, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine Cover, Nov. 1909, by J. C. Leyendecker:                     For rugby, I have only started playing the sport for less than a year but I love it so much I aspire to be a national team player for the Singapore team. Therefore, I would like to translate this passion into typography.
  3. Bath enthusiast – bathroom tiles, candles, bubbles, soaps
  4. Humble carpenter – wood, apron, shavings, tool belt
  5. Global explorer (by sea) – hull of boat, float, knots, sail :

    Since I was young I have always loved the deep blue waters be it in the sink or the Singapore seas. As I grew older I have always wondered beyond Singapore and aspired to be a well-weathered traveler. Therefore, I dream to be one of the many sea-explorers.
    As I research more of what style to emulate as I go about showing this dream of mine, I came across a collection of typographic images ->
    As you can see for the V, it takes on a shape of a hull of a boat/ship. This graphic style is apparently flat lay and it is very new yet familiar to me. I have always seen it on Pinterest pages however never got about to do it. As I researched further I came across these artworks by Malika Favre – On The Draw.
    Malika Favre recently landed something of a dream brief from the Canary Islands Tourist Board. Along with six other illustrators, she was chosen to travel to the islands and to create artwork inspired by the trip. The project, On the Draw, was curated by the Tenerife based design studio 28ymedio to help promote tourism to …
    "June" Illustration for the Gifted 2012 calendar | Illustrator: Malika Favre | Get it here - <a href="http://www.gftd.co" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.gftd.co</a>Malika Favre - On The Draw - Handsome Frank Illustration Agency:
    These Artworks thus pushed me to take on my very first illustrator project which I will cover in the process post.

  6. Botanist – studies of flowers/plants in general, ‘fig 2.1’, cross sections
    This passion of mine only started sprouting as I cultivated my watercolor skills. I have always liked the layout and aesthetics of Botanical studies – the layout of the document to the cross-sections of some flowers.Vintage Botanical Print Food Plant Chart Art: Attention to detail: botanical illustrations by Carl Linnaeus: Image result for botanical illustrations black and whitevintage mushroom botanical printbotanical drawings pinus pinea - Buscar con Google: Image result for botanical illustrations herbs
    After researching on various botanical layouts as seen above, I went on to further research on plants in typography as I find out which style I would want to use for my final piece.
    BOTANICAL ALPHABET // Sasha Prood // DesignLoveFest: Bronx Botanical Garden, New York on BehanceWoodland theme birthday invitation
    After looking at different ways I could reimagine the plants to be used to spell my initials, I realized that using the natural forms of foliage as seen in the typography compilation is the most natural way to manipulate the plants.
  7. Neon sign maker – wavy neon glass lettering Neon Signs | See more unique neon light ideas here http://www.delightfull.eu/en/graphic-lamps/index.php #unique #lamps: DIY inspiration-Neon MessagesNew York's hottest club is CLUB HORCRUX. #ihadto #imnotsorryeither | #neon: Neon signs are pretty rad! Specially when incorporated with cool interior design. Here are our top picks including our own. Neon by Penny Farthing Design House. This here is own own neon sign placed over a wall of greenery in our showroom. Some people were a little skeptical about making such a statement in a wedding accessories studio but to me it just felt right and I love the results. Just because it's bridal doesn't has to be all traditional and classic. More and more brides are enjoying...
    At first, I wanted to start a project on how I wanted to be a glass blower as I have always been in awe of their workmanship. However, I found it difficult to capture glass in any typography given my amateur level on illustrator. But what struck me was that neon signs were also a part of glass art.


Fanfiction // Research


For my fanfiction, I am very inspired by Edward Hopper’s individual rendition of New York. He allows us to be captivated by his vividly colored buildings but also shrouded in mystery due to his use of setting.

Image result for edward hopper's world

Automat print, 1927, by Edward Hopper.

He creates this world from his own where he deploys the simplest devices of Art, reduction. This is where he strips a place of its details but leaves the minimum to act as if it is a clue to the audience.

But I thought, why not make it to a reality?

In our current day and age where war is largely prevalent due to the dense delegation of global responsibility to one of the world’s most conceited boss… We take for granted the many possessions we have until all is lost.

I present to you Region-9658, a time set in the future but not too far away from our own. We are not in a post-apocalyptic world, living under ruins and beside dead bodies. We have rather recovered from the losses from the recent Sixth world war and we are doing fine.

Our main character in this story is Finley, he has been living each day peacefully after the sixth world war. Depression falls onto Region-9658 (which is inevitable after the war trauma), everyone is silent, everyone is sparse and keeps to their own devices. Everywhere you turn, they talk minimally and they smile or have a slight nod to acknowledge your huge presence, as there are not many people in the room other than yourself. Everyone and everything is so mundane you kinda get the hang of things, everyone is so eh, meh. you don’t want to stand out to break the silence.