Week 2 // spaces

  1. moving and static image (film, screen based space, POV framing)

Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar film poster.jpg

2. Physical space for art (installation), performance (Stage), public art, etc.

Following LPD’s interest in our interest for LEDs this installation helps inform the space and create its own space.


  1. Perceptual
  2. Architectural
  3. Cultural




Link: http://www.aokijun.com/en/works/fiber/


TBT to secondary school when my trulove was QUANTUM MECHANICS
so things about double-slit experiment, superposition, electron movements, electromagnetism, particle-wave theory I learnt it, my love for the topic died, I thought I would never touch on it again but here I am <3

Something about the Vastness and the mystery of the QT enshrouds me like a fairytale, almost. So this time I would really want to delve in and help people see what I have been seeing about QT all this while. To me: QT is
– a mess
– a warped dimension
– a mass of too many things at once

However, after going back and forth in the research of QT, I found out more about the different theories that I could make all of THAT^ make sense. And the following video is the main videos that helped me understand them more visually –
Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

From these primary researches I have made these are some Keywords/key phrases that I would like to show in my work:
Entangled – Related, yet in a Limbo, ‘upside down’, suspended reality?
Ambiguous – Blurry, Floating almost in every corner,
Scale – Vast, Spacial, Time dilation, Dimension
In the name of Science‘: Event horizon, Tesseract, Electrons, Quarks, Relativity, Fields, Waves, Particle-wave theory.

So for the first week: these are my leading pictures that would help me guide my process in the following weeks!

I also watched a video on entanglement in a more tangible sense, Couple sleeping style. They say :

Couples who sleep like this work as a unit.

“It means your lives are intertwined, that you function as a pair. You probably finish each other’s sentences and take care of each other,” Wood said.

So i would really like to include this into my work.

For the following page: This is my rough guide of how i want my Objects to flow, I would want to create a space that almost seemingly different forces acting upon them in all directions. Since I would be encapsulating the feeling of waves and fields into my work, These art works that have a rather random flow of particles are applicable to my works.

For the following page, The leading image would be the biggest one on the left where there is a person floating inbetween the two ‘possibilities’.
After consulting with Ina, various key ideas came to mind –
Metaphor – suspended reality? getting to know whats in-between
Limbo – ambiguous state
Personified into objects (How would you communicate quantum to a kid)
Reference: clock into the black hole – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5tc2p7jdkc&t=21s
spaghetti-fied/ toothpaste state @ wormhole through blackhole

Delving into the first image, the person could be a personification of the grey area between the things that are ‘tangible’ for us. Why personification? In this way, we can visually represent the grey area which is currently very hard to explain as they are too small, too sparse for the layman to see.

Then I remembered in my past that I have watched a movie – literally called ‘upside down
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3veONCcRWbwUpside Down Movie Review

Presentation/ moodboard:


Pinterest board:


Week 1 // Resume & other tings


Valerie Ye is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She has enrolled in the school’s Arts, Design and Media faculty with a specialization in Interactive Media. She has previously taken part in iLight 2018 with a group of students from her school as well as organized a drama production ‘Staged 2018’. In addition, she was enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University of the Republic of Korea, Seoul in the winter semester of 2018. Her hobbies are playing rugby, discovering more music and sitting on the floor talking to her dogs. Valerie is a team player be it on or off the rugby pitch, she loves to bring people together with a vision of harnessing everyone’s unique talents and/or capabilities to create projects even greater than what the team set out to do. Inspired by the growing imaginative sets of musical festivals, installations and carnivals, Valerie aspires to be an artist, a stage designer or a producer, in hopes to make her mark on Singapore’s event landscape one day.

Example of one work:


Our focus for this project was to raise awareness for the depleting glaciers on our Earth and the facts that follow it. We encourage the users to do what they normally do: consume things in order to ‘save’ the Earth. However, we give them the ultimatum that all these things that we think are saving the earth and its inhabitants, which are actually harming the system.


Name: Ye Min Valerie

HP: 96583077

Email: vealyeah@gmail.com


School of Arts, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

  • Pursuing a degree in Arts, Design and Media, specializing in Interactive Media

Pioneer Junior College

  • Singapore Cambridge GCE “A” levels certificate
    H2: Physics, Math, Art.

H1: Literature


  • A1 in O levels Art
  • Formal training in fine arts under local artist Mr Kalidass
  • Overseas Semester Exchange in Sungkyunkwan University

Work Experience

MOE HR Attachment

  • Responsible for sending out emails to scholars and guests.
  • Arranged a coffee session for scholars and ambassadors for scholarships

NTU Hall 13 Dinner and Dance Publicity and Publications Chairperson

NTU Hall 13 Publicity and Publications Sub-committee

NTU Hall 13 productions vice-president (Drama production)

Language, Skills and Additional Information

 Language proficiency

  • Native (written and spoken) in English
  • Understands Chinese and Cantonese (spoken)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Final Cut Pro Editing
Max Msp
Microsoft Skills

Additional information:

Participated in ilight 2018, displaying ‘Light Play’ by School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

Example of an Artist’s work:

Artwork: ‘Corps etranger’ 1994 , by Mona Hatoum


Hatoum’s work really encapsulates one’s body and mind in her art work therefore making me feel like she is able to create an unusual experience for the viewers. It is an art work that consists of a video, shot with an endoscopic camera, ‘exploring’ the cavities of her inside organs. The video is projected in a circle on the floor of a cylindrical structure which the viewer enters through one of the two narrow doors situated on either side of it, while a soundtrack, of the endoscopic ‘journey’ accompanies the video image. Firstly, the cylinder itself, confines the viewer to the space, as if she was the camera or in Hatoum’s colon and organs themselves. They are forced to look at the only thing that is illuminated in that space and that is the video. The way the video is projected onto the floor helps the viewer feel more like they are entering and intruding her personal space, a woman’s sacred body. In addition, the chance that the viewer is given to even step onto the video itself grants them the chance to ‘enter’ the space of ‘Hatoum’s colon’. This revelation of her true self, her real body that no one could see from the surface was very intimate therefore very effective with the viewer.