Week 2 // spaces

  1. moving and static image (film, screen based space, POV framing)

Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar film poster.jpg

2. Physical space for art (installation), performance (Stage), public art, etc.

Following LPD’s interest in our interest for LEDs this installation helps inform the space and create its own space.


  1. Perceptual
  2. Architectural
  3. Cultural




Link: http://www.aokijun.com/en/works/fiber/


TBT to secondary school when my trulove was QUANTUM MECHANICS
so things about double-slit experiment, superposition, electron movements, electromagnetism, particle-wave theory I learnt it, my love for the topic died, I thought I would never touch on it again but here I am <3

Something about the Vastness and the mystery of the QT enshrouds me like a fairytale, almost. So this time I would really want to delve in and help people see what I have been seeing about QT all this while. To me: QT is
– a mess
– a warped dimension
– a mass of too many things at once

However, after going back and forth in the research of QT, I found out more about the different theories that I could make all of THAT^ make sense. And the following video is the main videos that helped me understand them more visually –
Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

From these primary researches I have made these are some Keywords/key phrases that I would like to show in my work:
Entangled – Related, yet in a Limbo, ‘upside down’, suspended reality?
Ambiguous – Blurry, Floating almost in every corner,
Scale – Vast, Spacial, Time dilation, Dimension
In the name of Science‘: Event horizon, Tesseract, Electrons, Quarks, Relativity, Fields, Waves, Particle-wave theory.

So for the first week: these are my leading pictures that would help me guide my process in the following weeks!

I also watched a video on entanglement in a more tangible sense, Couple sleeping style. They say :

Couples who sleep like this work as a unit.

“It means your lives are intertwined, that you function as a pair. You probably finish each other’s sentences and take care of each other,” Wood said.

So i would really like to include this into my work.

For the following page: This is my rough guide of how i want my Objects to flow, I would want to create a space that almost seemingly different forces acting upon them in all directions. Since I would be encapsulating the feeling of waves and fields into my work, These art works that have a rather random flow of particles are applicable to my works.

For the following page, The leading image would be the biggest one on the left where there is a person floating inbetween the two ‘possibilities’.
After consulting with Ina, various key ideas came to mind –
Metaphor – suspended reality? getting to know whats in-between
Limbo – ambiguous state
Personified into objects (How would you communicate quantum to a kid)
Reference: clock into the black hole – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5tc2p7jdkc&t=21s
spaghetti-fied/ toothpaste state @ wormhole through blackhole

Delving into the first image, the person could be a personification of the grey area between the things that are ‘tangible’ for us. Why personification? In this way, we can visually represent the grey area which is currently very hard to explain as they are too small, too sparse for the layman to see.

Then I remembered in my past that I have watched a movie – literally called ‘upside down
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3veONCcRWbwUpside Down Movie Review

Presentation/ moodboard:


Pinterest board:


Week4 // responding to Chapter 4 Jan ChipChase

  1. Read and Respond: Ch 4 Jan Chipchase, You are what you carry. chipchase_ch4

Technology is scary. It is scaring me daily how reliant and how ‘smart’ it has become due to mankind’s reliability on it to do virtually everything for us. This constant growth in technology and the amount of things we ask it to do simply because we are ‘lazy’ makes us very unaware of being at the ‘mercy of the network’. Even though we should not entirely trust the network – we can because of it’s increasing amount of things it can do for us and thus feeding the lack of the things we know or rather remember how to do.

Asking the current teenage population of Singapore to live without their phones or even switching it off for an hour would drive them mad. This way, although the network makes up for a lot of things we lack, it makes us entirely reliant on it to run our lives as human beings. Is that a healthy relationship? Is that safe at all to trust the black web, the abyss, bytes?

ILIGHT proposals V1.0 || thinking sustainability

Final idea as of 24 sept

Main Idea: think about the root of Sustainability, invoke thinking and a call of action before sustainability can really be carried out, much like a brain.

Structure: Soccer ball without top and bottom. Middle third of it. 

eg. the middle third of a soccer ball we envision could be our structure.

Hexagon/pentagon skeleton  (LED base light: white)

eg. a light sculpture of a skeleton of a soccer ball.

eg. this artwork is made out of wood panels whose angle can change to change the overall look.

2-way mirrors would be surrounding the structure + Mirrored flooring + moving spotlights and LEDs.

Image result for 2 way mirrors



How it works:

A simple transparent glass is coated with a film having a thin layer of reflective metal – aluminum or silver.

The two areas between which the mirror will be installed will have a difference in their light intensity. One of the areas should be lit brightly, whereas another should be darker as compared to the former in order to get the best results.

The person at the well-lit area will see the reflection as that of an ordinary mirror, whereas the person at the darker area will see the mirror as a transparent glass, fully able to observe the scene behind the one-way mirror.

Interactions: multiple drums around the room, will respond to strobe (main source: at corners of the structure) and LEDs (on the structure).

One-way Mirrors (hexagon/pentagons) attached to the structures → viewers can flip it to have a different experience.

Left drums will have a chase sequence in white // right drums will have a colour sequence.



Metastory: Authority

I made my way to the local General office to get my lease renewed today. The computers in the place did not give me much problems with the recent update from the city. It concerned me a little because the recent updates took 5 hours longer than the normal 7 hour updating period.

The office clerk looked at me and nodded today, which was pretty nice judging the way everyone has been recently. Sometimes these small gestures really seem to make a difference in your day, but it is not my position to say if it is a good way or a bad way. The authorities never really acknowledged in their annual paper that there is this sort of tension between everyone after the war. They just brush it away thinking that this attitudes would blow over. Everyone’s so nice though but they only show it like the clerk at the general office, a glance or a nod, nothing else.

Meta Final project //

[This little story is based on Charmaine’s world – the one with the apps. However, I’m not using any of her characters]

App opened, world out. It’s one of his favorite life philosophies and probably also a name of an app he’s come across before. How problematic is it to be this young and live connected ever so slightly to everything? Lost in a haze of the interwebs and mild concern for his sanity, he startles when Sophie’s hands slammed onto the coffee table.

He looks up and there she is. Tentative, wary, remorseful, determined, and half a dozen other emotions all at once. It takes his breath away. She’s beautiful. Always so beautiful.

‘Luke, why all the screenshots. You’ve been spamming my main feed for days.’ He waits for more words but they don’t come. She remains standing still in front of him, silent and guarded.

Please let her be here to fix this. Please.

‘Ugh, let me look sort out your settings. if not you’d be sending weird snaps and stories to me all day and I won’t be able to send out my daily drawings on my app. Come on, wrist. Please?’

Who knew Artie’s Magic Pencil as a child’s first app could create such a gem. A gem that had so much ingenuity in her she did not even know as it was always confined to that wrist.

Damn that wrist.

And those eyes.

And worn down fingertips that Luke always likened to the topographic prominence of Great Pond Mountain in Maine, USA.

She drops into the empty seat beside him and offers him a shy smile and his heart stutters. He hasn’t smiled himself in weeks, let alone seen hers, and he swears the entire coffee shop can probably hear his health app beaming with irregular heart rate notifications.

‘Luke… what is this.’ She whispers under her breath. ‘Have you been trying to override the main system? The ones will know and you’d be —’

‘I know I know, they’re watching all the time. But I’ve hidden the security vulnerabilities encoded in one of the built-in apps that the ones trust oh-so-dearly as well as some of the screenshots I’ve been spamming you with.’

‘You’ve had the BarefootWorldAtlas as your first app and now you think you can hide from the higher ups? Luke, what exactly are you trying to do with this?’

Luke then goes on trying to explain to Sophie about how he wants her to see what’s beyond her wrist. What the app has shown him, it has not only helped him get exposed to everything around the world, virtual or not. It has made him want to go beyond the codes and icons. What he has been doing all this while was to perhaps find a loophole in the system, to get past the one’s watch and let the both of them really get to know themselves, each other and the grounds of which they live off of.

“I tried everything and I just couldn’t. I’m not good with codes and I never have been. But you still deserve the freedom beyond that thing we have on us. And I just…here’s the evidence of all of my attempts. I know, maybe I’m just foolish to believe we can get out there and go beyond.. this. Look I’m sorry for bringing you into my little hope and dreams for something more. But right now I’m more sorry than a simple apology is capable of communicating.”

“Not good with codes? That sounded pretty good to me, encoder.” He nods his head in acceptance and the cloud of tension hovering above their heads bursts into raindrops of relief and hope. She’s already forgiven him and they both know it.

“You were saying you created a landscape vector for me,” he reminds her with a grin. Grudge holding has never been her style and the fact that she’s finally here with him, with his heart on his sleeve, means the world to her and more.

“About that…you should maybe probably actually not seen all of that. It’s really bad. I wanted you to have them on the principles of Art and Design, but it’s all pretty terrible.”

He opens dropbox and opens up a bright orange folder and laughs in agreement, amusement coloring his voice. “Is this a layout? I don’t even think you got the arrangement of layers right.”

She smacks his hand lightly with his empty coffee cup and laughs with him, thankfulness shining in her wet, brown eyes.

He reaches for her hand the same moment she extends it and then everything else fades leaving just them: safe behind the shield of his enduring forgiveness and radical empathy.

2D2 Project: Que Sera


Important things to take note of:

  • Get the essence right
  • have a simple yet informed background

What job do I want in the future (choose 4):

  1. Hitman for dishonored – Gun, Target, Suit, gloves
  2. National Team Player – Rugby ball, field lines, boots, jersey (my first love)Football Players, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine Cover, Nov. 1909, by J. C. Leyendecker:                     For rugby, I have only started playing the sport for less than a year but I love it so much I aspire to be a national team player for the Singapore team. Therefore, I would like to translate this passion into typography.
  3. Bath enthusiast – bathroom tiles, candles, bubbles, soaps
  4. Humble carpenter – wood, apron, shavings, tool belt
  5. Global explorer (by sea) – hull of boat, float, knots, sail :

    Since I was young I have always loved the deep blue waters be it in the sink or the Singapore seas. As I grew older I have always wondered beyond Singapore and aspired to be a well-weathered traveler. Therefore, I dream to be one of the many sea-explorers.
    As I research more of what style to emulate as I go about showing this dream of mine, I came across a collection of typographic images ->
    As you can see for the V, it takes on a shape of a hull of a boat/ship. This graphic style is apparently flat lay and it is very new yet familiar to me. I have always seen it on Pinterest pages however never got about to do it. As I researched further I came across these artworks by Malika Favre – On The Draw.
    Malika Favre recently landed something of a dream brief from the Canary Islands Tourist Board. Along with six other illustrators, she was chosen to travel to the islands and to create artwork inspired by the trip. The project, On the Draw, was curated by the Tenerife based design studio 28ymedio to help promote tourism to …
    "June" Illustration for the Gifted 2012 calendar | Illustrator: Malika Favre | Get it here - <a href="http://www.gftd.co" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.gftd.co</a>Malika Favre - On The Draw - Handsome Frank Illustration Agency:
    These Artworks thus pushed me to take on my very first illustrator project which I will cover in the process post.

  6. Botanist – studies of flowers/plants in general, ‘fig 2.1’, cross sections
    This passion of mine only started sprouting as I cultivated my watercolor skills. I have always liked the layout and aesthetics of Botanical studies – the layout of the document to the cross-sections of some flowers.Vintage Botanical Print Food Plant Chart Art: Attention to detail: botanical illustrations by Carl Linnaeus: Image result for botanical illustrations black and whitevintage mushroom botanical printbotanical drawings pinus pinea - Buscar con Google: Image result for botanical illustrations herbs
    After researching on various botanical layouts as seen above, I went on to further research on plants in typography as I find out which style I would want to use for my final piece.
    BOTANICAL ALPHABET // Sasha Prood // DesignLoveFest: Bronx Botanical Garden, New York on BehanceWoodland theme birthday invitation
    After looking at different ways I could reimagine the plants to be used to spell my initials, I realized that using the natural forms of foliage as seen in the typography compilation is the most natural way to manipulate the plants.
  7. Neon sign maker – wavy neon glass lettering Neon Signs | See more unique neon light ideas here http://www.delightfull.eu/en/graphic-lamps/index.php #unique #lamps: DIY inspiration-Neon MessagesNew York's hottest club is CLUB HORCRUX. #ihadto #imnotsorryeither | #neon: Neon signs are pretty rad! Specially when incorporated with cool interior design. Here are our top picks including our own. Neon by Penny Farthing Design House. This here is own own neon sign placed over a wall of greenery in our showroom. Some people were a little skeptical about making such a statement in a wedding accessories studio but to me it just felt right and I love the results. Just because it's bridal doesn't has to be all traditional and classic. More and more brides are enjoying...
    At first, I wanted to start a project on how I wanted to be a glass blower as I have always been in awe of their workmanship. However, I found it difficult to capture glass in any typography given my amateur level on illustrator. But what struck me was that neon signs were also a part of glass art.


2D MARK MAKING // project 1


Firstly, i made this by scraping paint (already on my palette knife) onto newsprint.
Displaying IMG_5103.JPG

Secondly, i used the ridged edge of my snack packet (pipagao) to scrape the paint (already on the packet) onto the newsprint.

Displaying IMG_5122.JPG

Thirdly, I then tried putting the paint onto the paper directly first. After that, i scraped a clean palette knife along the paper.
Displaying IMG_5248.JPG

Displaying IMG_5368.JPG

In another paint exploration, i tried overlaying paint and doing the kindergarten style of folding over half a page to reveal a symmetrical pattern.

Displaying IMG_5374.JPG

what was the result? overall it was kind of boring because the inks did not mishmash as much as i had hoped for them to. However, when you look at it closely (as shown as the image below) : the white paint merged very nicely into the blank ink. Displaying IMG_5375.JPG

I tried another version of this in a composition with more black ink and it resulted in something very grey toned.
Displaying IMG_5373.JPG

I pleated a piece of paper at 0.5cm intervals, sandwiched them into a tight bunch then dipped them ever so slightly in paint and stamped them onto another sheet of newsprint.

Displaying IMG_5121.JPG


I started this firstly with mixing some soap solution and chinese ink into a container and blowing air into the solution using a straw. when the bubbles were overflowing the container, i just lay the piece of paper over the container. TADA!

The results are shown in the top half of the picture below. The ink was too diluted and offered no contrast. Therefore i tried using Block printing ink in the solution instead and it is shown in the second piece of paper!
IMG_5105This is the result of the second attempt, using block printing ink mixed into the solution. This captured the bubbles much better. It even captured the movement of the ink on each bubble.
Displaying IMG_5106.JPGLesson learnt: do not mix the solution manually (meaning mixing the solution vigorously) as it creates many small bubbles that would not pop on the surface of the paper. It would distort the image instead.

As my second attempt, i dipped the straw into the solution and blew the bubbles directly onto the newsprint.

This direct application allowed the contours of the individual bubbles to appear more and it even captured the specks of ink as the bubble burst.

Displaying IMG_5109.JPG
As i was intrigued by the splatter stains, i took the straw and dipped it in the ink solution once again. However, this time i blew it forcefully near the paper to create this strong splatter of ink!Displaying IMG_5367.JPG


I explored different brush strokes. Firstly, by placing the brush horizontally and secondly, perpendicularly. As shown by the following two photographs.
IMG_5113 IMG_5111

In the end, i tried the dry brush technique using chinese ink and created the following. i found myself holding the brush more horizontally.Displaying IMG_5370.JPG

In comparison, i tried a less vigorous version of the top painting. I used a fairly wet brush (dipped in chinese ink) and swept the tip of the brush ever so slightly onto the newsprint.

Displaying IMG_5371.JPG

I then tried creating a pattern onto a toned background. I started by drawing mismatched strokes into ambiguous shapes that melded around each other.

Displaying IMG_5366.JPG

i changed the pattern slightly by making it contain thinner lines and have more interesting shapes (more pointy and rounded etc.)Displaying IMG_5365.JPG


This was my first lino cut where i started making a pattern using repetitive egg-shaped cuts.
Displaying IMG_5124.JPGI found the pattern very interesting so i did one in a more slender form where it ended up looking like a school of fish. Then i added more small cuts to one portion of the print and it started to look like a school of fish under other fishes. It gave it an illusion of space.

Displaying IMG_5123.JPGFor the last cut, i made long straight cuts, then i created more fluid looking shapes by turning the cuts ever so slightly with more space between them.

Displaying IMG_5501.JPG

Smoke printing exploration:

Displaying IMG_5504.JPGDisplaying IMG_5503.JPGDisplaying IMG_5502.JPG



1. Annoyance: whipping hair/ dry brush

How did i do it: i created this print by dragging a dry brush in loopy patterns.

I relate this pattern to Annoyance as it is almost as if this is the trail left behind by my hair as i would shake my head and flip my hair whenever i am annoyed.

2. Slow burn: one line of paint w splotches

How did i do it: This is from the pleated paper print, where i pleated newsprint then dipped it into block print ink. I only took one line from the actual print and enlarged it.

This illustrates slow burn well as it gradually fades along the horizontal line.

3. Exasperation: Direct bubbbles

How did i do it: I made a bubble solution with black paint, dipped a straw in the solution and blew bubbles vertically onto the paper.

This print captured not only what the bubbles once were, but it also captured the act of them bursting. With specs of paint distributed throughout the print and also contrasting ink splotches, this creates a emotion likened to a type of explosion which i relate to exasperation – the desperation to burst/open up.


4. Enchantment:

How did i do it: I created this print by drawing lines in different directions bound by invisible boundaries.

I associate this pattern with being in a forest. Almost like being in a fairytale, the lines look like the trees in the forest. But the implied shapes of the pattern make it as interesting as the feeling of being enchanted.

5. Worship: embroidery

How did i do it: I did Embroidery on paper where the threads are all directed towards the center.

This allowed me to illustrate the beams of light descending down from the heavens and the halo of Angels. This creates a sense of space and the threads have a certain tension aspect to them which could be likened to the divine power bringing you to a greater place.

6. Crush: lino print

How i did it: I made the print first by making a lino cut then i scanned the print to enlarge it.

The gradual change from wavy lines to straight lines illustrates the feelings you get when you have a crush. When you first have a crush, you feel funny and all over the place! Then slowly you realise that therefore it gets straightened out.


7. Amusement:

How did i do it: I covered paper with a layer of white gel crayon, went over it with squiggles of black crayon and went over it again with the white crayon.

The texture of the crayons are quickly associated with our childhood where we would just make random squiggles on paper thinking that they are the best artwork ever.

8. Ecstasy: bubble cluster

How did i do it: I took the print of the Bubble cluster (please refer to top to see how i did the print) then i scanned the image and enlarged it to draw attention to the details of the print.

This print contains the visual of bubbles which annotates pure joy. However, even in the print the movement of the bubble solution on the bubbles were captured. This movement looked very trippy and drug like, therefore i associate it with ecstasy.

9. Satisfaction: one line one breath

How did i do it: I repeatedly drew lines horizontally and varied the spaces in between the lines ever so slightly.

This creates a very calm drawing that looks like waves


10. Anxiety: circular squirtles

How did i do it: I scanned the original print (done by blowing ink through a straw), duplicated the image, played around with the transparency of the print and finally changed the angles of the duplicates.

This allowed me to create a print which has 2 planes of motion, one in the direction of the sprayed paint and the circular direction of the layered prints. This creates a dizzy print which i associate with anxiety. Through personal experience, having anxiety gets me really dizzy and my brain and body moves in different directions.

11. Doubt:

How did i do it: I scanned the image of the Lino cut print of the school of fish.

This print has a variation of density of similar shapes and that creates an illusion of space in the 2d print alone. The most likely association with this print is a school of fish, and the emotion of doubt is shown through how i can get out and be by myself but i doubt myself and continue being in a group.

12. Revulsion: pipagao packet

How did i do it: I created this print by scraping an end of a snack packet as it is loaded with ink.

This created a gradually patchy outcome which relates to revulsion as it can be likened to regurgitation.


13. Cheerlessness:

How did i do it: I took a whole strip of watercolour paper and soaked it in plain water for a minute. Then I took a brush dipped in Chinese ink and dragged it across the top of the paper. I dipped the brush into plain water again and dragged it along the bottom of the paper.

This created a very gradual diffusing of the ink throughout the paper. This allowed me to create a texture that was rather dreadful the more i look at it.

14. Grieving:

How did i do it: palette knife painting. I dotted the paper with varying blobs of Ink, then went in with a clean palette knife and scraped past the blobs to create this pulling motion.

This allowed me to create a sense of longing much like one experienced when one is grieving.

15. Heartbreak:

How did i do it: symmetrical paint. I spread a base of white paint first then added some small spots of black paint on only half the strip of paper. I then folded the paper in half into itself. After the paint has smoothened out, I slowly pulled the ends of the paper to extend the paper and reveal the goodness inside.

This created a very wispy interaction between the paints, this is like what i feel under heartbreak. The feeling of not being able to fully let go, the wispy intertwining of the two bodies still lingering.


16. Adruptness:

How did i do it: I dragged a charcoal block across the strip again and again. I liked the texture already however, there seemed to be a rhythm in the strip itself. Therefore i naturally had to draw on the strip so hard so that it ripped :’) AND that was a blessing in disguise as i was able to achieve adruptness through that.

17: Revelation: pleated prints

18: Unforeseen: smoke screen.