EM3/ IAmMyFather

This class, we learnt how to ‘change our faces’ through face detection in MAXmsp! In the patch given, the programme seemed fine, however, it wasnt perfectly smooth and the face was not adjusting to my face proportionally so i tried to fix it!

Problem 1: Resizing.

i tried many things shifting the numbers of the jit.matrix and jit.movie and the boundary steps in the patch.

however, when I tried to toggle with the boundary step – ($1 $2, dsdimend $3 $4) and changed it to things like adding in dimensions of ($1 + 50) or bigger numbers like 200 it didnt really help!

that’s why I tried adding Jit.matrix as shown in the red circle as highlighted and it worked better after that! not perfect but close enough. so far, i can only think that the jit.matrix helps to limit the space of the image in comparison with my face!

and sooooo this is the final product of my face mashed up with my dad’s and may i say we look alike with the likeness of a pig :”))  #FAMILY

I hope I can explore this function in the near future and make it applicable to more people on the screen!



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