ILIGHT proposals V1.0 || thinking sustainability

Final idea as of 24 sept

Main Idea: think about the root of Sustainability, invoke thinking and a call of action before sustainability can really be carried out, much like a brain.

Structure: Soccer ball without top and bottom. Middle third of it. 

eg. the middle third of a soccer ball we envision could be our structure.

Hexagon/pentagon skeleton  (LED base light: white)

eg. a light sculpture of a skeleton of a soccer ball.

eg. this artwork is made out of wood panels whose angle can change to change the overall look.

2-way mirrors would be surrounding the structure + Mirrored flooring + moving spotlights and LEDs.

Image result for 2 way mirrors



How it works:

A simple transparent glass is coated with a film having a thin layer of reflective metal – aluminum or silver.

The two areas between which the mirror will be installed will have a difference in their light intensity. One of the areas should be lit brightly, whereas another should be darker as compared to the former in order to get the best results.

The person at the well-lit area will see the reflection as that of an ordinary mirror, whereas the person at the darker area will see the mirror as a transparent glass, fully able to observe the scene behind the one-way mirror.

Interactions: multiple drums around the room, will respond to strobe (main source: at corners of the structure) and LEDs (on the structure).

One-way Mirrors (hexagon/pentagons) attached to the structures → viewers can flip it to have a different experience.

Left drums will have a chase sequence in white // right drums will have a colour sequence.



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