Metastory: Home

I moved to Region-9658 after my 4-month rental was over in region-9659. My neighbors said there was no use asking the authorities to extend my stay anyway because I did not have anything to do with the government anymore after the Sixth.

The reconstruction in 9658 is comparatively better than that of 9659 because it is closer to the City. I’m not complaining about the livelihood in Region-9658, I just feel like things do not have to be different anymore.

One thing different about the buildings here in 9659 are the bright green buildings that line up the street make my day as the streets are peaceful and wide. They finally took away the trees that sprouted out of nowhere and created this city with huge spaces where I can really breathe and relax from my nights away from the city. Everything has started to follow a certain system and I personally feel that this helps the regions a lot. After everything that went on, and the current depression looming through the streets of each region, It feels good to finally get back some sense of organization and systematicness.

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