2D: “Hello”


Hello! I am now in a new semester with new exciting projects lined up!

In our first 2D class we were assigned this fun mini ‘project’- to decorate our name cards in 3 ways- abstract, conceptual, or using typography. We were supposed to present out name cards to the class in Week 2 but I couldn’t make it for class so here are my presentation notes that I had prepared beforehand!

I decided to focus on three aspects on myself based on the nature of each requirement.



Name card 1: Typography (Obsessive compulsive/ ‘perfectionist’/ Conformist?)

In the brief it said to pay attention to the type of font, the spacing, the overlap, the positive and negative space, use of capital alphabets etc.I went with a simple drawing which said ‘W i d a d’.

I did everything ‘right’ in the sense that I followed the proper ‘rules’ and the norm for writing your name. This was to show how I was very much an obedient rule follower in life as well as in design. I also wanted to show the so called ‘perfectionist’/ obsessive compulsive side of me, so the spacing had to be exactly equal between each alphabet, and each letter is drawn out as perfectly as I could. I’m the type of person who always colours within the lines.

The main medium I used throughout all the name cards was pencil. This was mainly to reflect the lack of confidence and the self-doubt that I carry with me. Using pencil symbolises how I always need a safety net- to be able to erase my mistakes to achieve ‘perfection’, or to be able to erase what I do in case I change my mind. This is different than having the confidence to use pen straight away.


Name card 2: Abstract (Scatterbrain/ Absentmindedness ) 

Of all the 3 cards, I think this is pretty straightforward.

  1. I really love henna designs
  2. The crazy mix of designs show how ‘scattered’ my thoughts are (I always have too many tabs open on one window, I am frequently scolded for jumping from one topic to another, I forget where I left my phone/bottle at least 3 times a day/ )

(Abstract Henna designs flowing and going crazy-to represent scattered thoughts


Name card 3: Conceptual (Lack of independence and self-reliance) 

It probably sounds as if I view myself really negatively (which may be true just sometimes!), but really, I find that it’s so much more interesting to explore your own flaws and maybe sometime discover why you have them and what you need to do to fix them. The last name card, I wanted to convey my lack of independence. As I grew older, I realised I wasn’t as independent and self-reliant as I should be.

Following the rules and having someone to show me the way often leads me to ‘success’- because I’m good at following orders, but it doesn’t lead me to somewhere new neither causes change.

You may be wondering why all 3 name cards have more or less the same font and same style. I did this to show what happens when you get too comfortable in your own bubble, play safe and rely and expect others to guide you and show you the way. I can achieve ‘success’ but the outcome is nothing outstanding or special each time. I confine myself by creating a template by following others but the result is really nothing new or exciting each time. I need to be independent and take risks to be able to create new experiences and achieve my own success- to create my ‘own font’.


I think that was somewhat deep for name cards.



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