I did some proper brainstorming this time, and explored 4 topics :

  • A tree
  • Courage
  • Ugly
  • Beauty

Thinking of point of views is not as easy as you think. It requires creativity to really think outside the box rather than just state obvious point of views. Some topics really stumped me- for instance the subject of a tree. Somehow it was really difficult to think of interesting perspectives. I really liked Jie Lin’s take on the topic of ghosts- specifically one line ” A book from the point of view of a tree is a ghost”. I have to applaud her for that one, it’s witty and creative.


Please click on the images for a better view.

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It was by the time I got to beauty that I realised the POV came more naturally to me than the others. I came up with a few ideas which I showed to Joy.




Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.27.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.26.16 PM


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.30.27 PM

  • Joy felt that was most potential in the topic of ‘Beauty’ (maybe because I had more POVS for that?). I asked her about choosing ‘Beauty’ VS ‘Ugly’, and she recommended that I did ‘ Beauty’ instead, with the reasoning that it’s harder to agree that something is ugly. I couldn’t really digest what she was saying haha, but that was what I took away from it. She suggested that I could instead imply ugly in beauty.


  • I told her that I was a bit stuck in choosing the 6 POVS to move forward and she gave me an different perspective. She pointed out that my POVs varied from ‘Process’ to ‘Completion’. For instance, “Beauty from the POV of a mother is a baby growing inside of her” VS “Beauty from the POV of Hitler is blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin.” She also suggested that I explore the various scales and the extent of beauty- how some is less beautiful than the other- and how to represent that.


  • Last of all, she asked me how I wanted to execute my solutions. I told her that I was thinking of doing some illustrations because I wanted to move away from merely doing paper cutting. I still want to do collage, since I haven’t done that before, but I’d like to try incorporating collage with some of my illustrations. I’m not very confident at drawing things, but I’ll just attempt it anyways.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.39.19 PM

  1. Choose 6 POVs
  2. Solidify concept
  3. Research on reference artists for illustrations. Re-consider style
  4. Prepare sketches for group consultation next week so classmates can actually see and provide feedback


3 thoughts on “2D ‘POINT OF VIEW’ : PROCESS (PART 1)

  1. Shanelle

    Hey Widad! I love the idea about using Beauty as the topic! I think it is a very abstract and vague concept and there is a lot to explore about it. So perhaps you might want to narrow down your area of research by creating an over-arching concept first? I think an idea you may wanna think about is to portray beauty in ordinary objects because it is a unique POV which people may find hard to observe and appreciate. For eg. Beauty in the POV of running nose is tissue paper. Beauty in the POV of a a tired soul is bed. These are just some suggestions you can try out? 🙂 Hehe~ Good luck for this project! Look forward to seeing the end product!

  2. June Ming

    Hi Widad! OMG I loved your reading your research! First, it’s so aesthetically pleasing, all clean lines and boxes. I like 🙂
    Second, I really like the point of views you’ve drafted out…all of them seem so interesting, it got my mind whizzing — the possibilities are endless!
    Oh yeah, I agree with Joy too, your ‘beauty’ POV is brimming with ‘exciting-ness’. A few of them were very touching as well, especially ‘Beauty in the POV of a son is his mother’s calloused hands’. Great job! (:
    Keep going Widad! 😀

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