Ross Lovegrove: Organic Essentialism



I simply find myself drawn to the work of Ross Lovegrove, which are mainly inspired by nature and organic in form. I’ve realised that when I design I tend to place greater concern in aesthetics rather than function, and that is something I need to greatly improve on. However, Lovegrove brings together these two aspects beautifully in his creations, and I admire his works not only for it’s functionality but more for its “organic essentialism“, using nothing more or less than is needed.

Often I find that products that serve a wonderfully clear and clever function are inspired by nature itself. I am always in awe at how product designers have managed to observe their natural surroundings to extract form and function and create ingenious products. One of my absolute favourite work of his is this staircase, which not only serves it’s function but is a stunning piece of art/sculpture in itself.



DNA Staircase



I also loved and really appreciated how his designs addressed sustainability and environmental issues.



Solar Tree Street Lamp

I want to be able to create sustainable, eco-friendly products but I’m not being very specific mainly because I’m not sure what or how I would do it.

Lovegrove’s works serve as a inspiration for what I may want to design in the future.

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