3D_ Project 3 _Patronus Charm — Harry Potter

This is the scene I choose for my Project.

In the first time, Harry Potter fail to use patronus charm to  protect Sirius and himself. And he thought it was his father saved them. But actually when he and Hermione go back to the past, he find out it is himself defeat the dementors.

In my opinion, I think this scene is about courage and love. And because the  patronus charm looks like white flash. So I want to use some white LED lights to represent the courage. The LED will flick several times ,at last it will be permanently light up.

3D _ Project2


The I item I choose is a comb My mother gave me as my birthday gift. When I receive it it surprised me indeed. My mother did not tell m any thing about the gift and the package just arrived  on my birthday.

Actually , in my family we do not care about birthday too much. I seldom receive any gift from my parents on my birthday when I was still stay with them. I have to say that the long distance make us realize the importance of every family member. No matter how far away it is the family is always bond together.

In my work I want to show the family attachment. Because Comb usually go with a mirror.  We usually consider they are a pair. Moreover, The Mirror of Erised in the Harry Potter is a device that you can see what you truly desire. What Harry Potter sees is his parents. So this is also a reason that I want use mirror in my design.

The net represents the bond of the family. I have inherited my parents’ genes so that the mirror is also a reflection of my parents and me.


2D Project 3 – EGO Final

My Final Outcome :


Equation 1

Sleepless me p+ reading novels(Harry potter) = in the book

Once I have experienced the sleepless night, I can forget the anxious feeling. But I find a solution for it — reading a novel. I like read novels. If I can not fall into sleep, I would like to read something. That helps me to reduce stress.

Square 1: Monochromatic colors.

It is a sleepless me, and counting sheep.

The dull monochromatic colors will create anxious atmosphere of sleepless.

Square 2:  Complementary color. Blue &  Yellow(Orange)

I use orange color for the book to represent the fantasy world  in the book. The color of myself is still blue because I’m suffering from insomnia.

Square 3:  Complementary color. Blue &  Yellow(Orange)

When I reading the book, I am absorbed in the book. In this case, I assume the book is Harry Potter series. I ‘m riding the broom flying over the Hogwarts. In this square, I in yellow color that mean I nor nervous any more. On the contrary, I become happy because of the novel.

Equation 2

Stressed me + badminton = energetic me

All the dates in the calendar are like timebombs, I will be stress out.  So  there is a clock in the first square. When I under pressure I would like to do some exercise. My favorite sport is badminton. I use it as a example here. After the exercise, I will become energetic again.

Square 1 : Complementary Color. Blue, Purple & Red

Purple and blue are belong to cool color which will create stressed feeling. Although red is warm color it usually is used for warning. It helps to enhance the pressure in the frame.

Square 2: Analogous color. Green.

Green is the color of nature,freshness. Doing some exercise can refresh and activate my tired brain.

Square 2: Analogous color. Red ,orange& Yellow

All these three colors represent energy, joy and power.


Equation 3

Me Playing game with friend + Gaming me = Ignore the whole world

When I play MOBA game with my friend, we will be very excited and enjoyable.Sometimes if I focus on the game, I will ignore all the message all notification from other app.

Square 1 & 2: Analogous color.Yellow, Orange

Yellow is always associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. So in this row I choose to use yellow as the background color. It will make the whole row in a consistent harmony.

Square 3: Complementary color . Yellow & blue

Because I want to differentiate the game and outside world. Blue is associated with calm and rational while yellow is related to passion. These two color will make the square have more impact.


Equation 4

Relaxed me + Calligraphy = Dance with lines

When I am in the vacation, I would like to practice Chinese calligraphy. The first square is decorated by a lot of bubbles. Personally, bubble can provide a sense of leisure. When I am writing the calligraphy, I  enjoy in the beauty of the strokes. Some times it can be strong,  sometime I also can be ethereal. It seems I can blend myself to the lines. I become a part of the character. That is why myself replace some stroke in the last square. And I dancing with the lines.

Square 1 -3 : Complementary colors. Green & Pink

Both green and pink are colors make people feel relaxed. So I use them consistently in this row.

4D_Final Project_ Can you hear you image?



For this interactive installation, we aim to target people’s attention towards what they are wearing. This is because it has been officially proven that many Singaporeans are not mindful about their dress codes whenever they go, leading to improper dressing a lot of times. It is to be noted that we are not stereotyping anyone, nor are we discriminating against people who are wearing a certain type of attire. This project only aims to remind people to pay attention to how they look to other people, and what image they give off to them. Furthermore, we narrowed down our analysis towards very generic physical appearances such as spectacles, hairstyles and types of shoes.

The point of this project is to remind people about what they are wearing, and for them to reflect about how they want to portray themselves to others. Ways of dressing and outfitting is important because when done deliberately, it can potentially spell out our personalities and individuality. This is because what we wear essentially reflects our own styles most of the time. While it should be noted that this may not be an accurate description of oneself nor stereotyping, this analysis of one’s portrayal is simply an impression others may have on the targeted audience.

While seemingly superficial, it cannot be denied that in many parts of society, people are concerned about appearances, be it at work, school or socializing. A reminder is that this project does not aim to make anyone feel good or bad. Rather, it is simply to act as a catalyst for people to be attentive to what they are wearing.


2nd Part: Equipment and Setup

We will be needing an array of equipment. The following equipments are;

  1. 2 Speakers
  2. 4 Cameras
  3. 1 Motion Sensor
  4. 1 Music Player
  5. 1 Screen
  6. 4 Projectors

The speakers will be situated at the top of the entrance, beside either sides of the door.

The cameras will be situated at the following areas:

  1. One facing outside school at the entrance
  2. One facing inside school at the entrance (Back to back with 1)
  3. Two cameras facing towards the entrance, one on each side.

The motion sensor will be situated at the side of the door.

A music player will be attached and linked to the cameras.

A screen will be hung in front of the stairway on the 1st floor, while the 4 projectors can either be hung up on the wall, or on the ceiling.



First, the targeted audience will walk into ADM via the main Glass door entrance. The movement will trigger the motion sensor, which will send signals to the cameras. The cameras will subsequently capture the audience in 4 perspectives, ideally emulating a 360 degrees view. The targeted audience’s frontal, back, and side view will be captured by the 4 cameras respectively. Upon capturing the target’s appearances, it will then trigger off the music player, which will select the appropriate track matching the person’s attire. The speakers will then blare the music selected, while the person walking in will be able to see himself or herself captured on the screen, and on the floor. The screen will be displaying his or her frontal view, while the floor will be depicting a large projection (emulated by 3 projectors) displaying the person’s left profile, backview and right profile from left to right respectively. This gives the impression of both a grand entrance and 360 degree mirror. The attention the person receives from the giant projections and loud music will make him or herself more self conscious, eventually taking closer look at their own appearances.


 Identifying types and accompanying soundtracks

We decided not to complicate things too much. Hence, we started out with 8 different types of outfit, and did research about what kind of personalities they would usually emulate. Then, we paired a mini soundtrack to each appearance to match the atmosphere the people give when they stalk in.

First, we have someone with glasses with covered shoes and long hair. The impression given is usually someone who is clever, smart and disciplined. The soundtrack we have selected is Star Wars’ Imperial March.

Next, we have someone with Glasses with covered shoes and short hair. This person usually emulates qualities of being quiet and reserved. The soundtrack we have selected is Harry Potter’s Theme Song.

For someone with no glasses, covered shoes and long hair, we associate qualities of being outgoing, jubilant and cocky with them. The music we paired with these qualities is Ouverture by Carmen.

Someone who has no glasses, covered shoes and short hair is usually adventurous and humorous. Hence, we used the Pirates of the Carribean theme song to portray this.

We identify someone with glasses with non-covered shoes and long hair with being not very sociable yet easy-going at the same time. They are also usually gentle and soft. We decided to go with Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service’s song; If I’ve Been Enveloped by Tenderness.

Someone who has no glasses with non-covered shoes and long hair are usually more sociable and easy-going. We paired the Tom and Jerry Theme Song with these qualities.

On the other hand, someone with glasses with non-covered shoes and short hair are identified as being determined and firm. We paired the German Song, Guren no Yumiya with it.

Finally, someone who has no glasses, non-covered shoes and short hair is usually sporty and loud. We paired this up with the song Jump Up, Super Start! By Super Mario.

To conclude, paying attention to what we wear is usually something that has been taken for granted a lot of times. Little do people realize how much self-image and appearances matter to our society, especially these days. Hence, we want to bring attention to how impressions are important in socializing with others.


4D_Project 2 Image and Text

The item I ‘v got is Tong Garden Cashew nuts and Macadamia. I was very glad when I picked it. Because it actually  is one of my favorite snacks.

The first impression nuts give me is healthy and rich in nutrition. And the nut can provide a lot of energy even if we just a few pieces.

So my advertisement composition will be based in on healthy and energy these two key word.

From the ad poster we can see a guy is work at night. We can guess that from the stuff on his table, coffee,lamp. Both of body and brain is tired  When people stay up to work . So at that moment we will need some refreshment. The Nuts will be a good choice. In this situation, I assume that the person in the composition is a programmer. Cashews and macadamia are flushing out from the package into  the programmer ‘s head.  At the right side the Nuts become coding  flying into the desktop’ screen. The slogan ” Perk up your coding” held p to interpolate the visual more. Code also means the living style.

In the presentation my classmate Qiuwen suggested a Slogan” Crack the nuts crack your coding”. I think it strong slogan for this print ads !



Project 1A_Strange Encounter

The world I imagine is all the people have some animal genes. So they have some animal features on their appearance depending on what animal gene they have. And they will also have some super power  according to the animal ability.


Dragon: Dragon horn, Dragon wings,Dragon eyes, Fire( super power) He is able to control fire. The sparkle will be with him everywhere.

Mermaid: Mermaid tail, the copy of herself,  water( she can make use of water as she wants)

Wolf: Wolf Ears,Wolf Teeth, invisibility,transfiguration. Because wolves are good at hide themselves when hunting so the people have wolf genes can turn into invisibility. They are able to transform themselves to wolves as well.

4D_Project 3_Thinking Sequentially

Actually for this project the content I want to shoot came to my mind before the the concept. When I first to  know the project, I want to take  a series photo of  the object with high-speed movement so that every frame reserve sthe details of  motion.

The two objects I choose are  rifle target and shuttlecock.

These 90 images show how a perfectionist’ s daily life. My character in this sequence is a programmer.She is programming in the midnight. she has a nap  while the program  is running. In this short nap she has two short dream. In one dream she practicing the shooting. She wants every shoot is Right on the target. The other dream is playing the badminton. She pursuing that the shuttlecock drops right inside the baseline.

Because the  sequential images can show the transition of the motion which means more details is being  presented. So I add in some particular action in the sequence, such the timing on the mobile phone in the beginning and the ending, the content of the last frame . I want all these subtleties to shape the personality of a perfectionist.


2D Project 3 – EGO Research and Process

In the project briefing , our lecturer showed us some previous students’ work.  The paper cutting  they did really impressed me. So I decide that I will do paper cutting as well. I used to do digital design,this time I want to try something new.

The overall concept of this project is “Me and My Hobbies in different settings”.

Here is my equations:

Me ,Playing game with friend + Gaming me = Ignore the whole world

Sleepless me + reading novels = in the book (Harry potter)

Stressed me + badminton = energetic me

Relaxed me + Calligraphy = Dance with lines

Although I decided to using traditional media, I still rely on digital in the preparing  ==

For some squares, I illustrate the composition before I start to cut the paper. That helps me to understand the color scheme and  reduce wasting paper.

Energetic Me
Absorbed in the book
Playing Badminton

Project 2 – Forest Gump – Final Outcome


My Tote Bag ~

I’m really enjoy  in the silkscreen process. I feel so excited when my design is printing out on the tote bag.


 Quote 1

You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.

                                                                                                     – Out of Africa

I like this movie very much. One reason I like it is that my one of my favorite writers likes it.

The main character,Karen, is a wealthy Danish women. When she is young , in order to have a noble title she married a man she doesn’t love. And she has to go to Africa with her husband. Things unfold when her husband begins cheating on her and is away on business often. She runs a farm but a fire destroyed it. She was bankrupt. She manage to divorce with her husband.

She eventually falls in love with Denys and goes on safari with him. on that journey, they encounter lions, but they kill the lion and survive from the predators. Unfortunately,  her lover dies in a crash in his private plan.

At the beginning, she does not like everything in the Africa. Gradually,she’s gained a much better understanding and respect for the African culture. Her farm and lover gone, her life in Africa is over. As a woman, she suffers a lot in Africa. The the difficulties in her life are just like the lions that makes her aware that she is alive.

The lion on her eyes mean Karen is facing them. The head of the women surrounded by  blooming  flowers which imply that Karen positivity and strength in her personality. Though she has gone through a lot of misfortune she  still remain herself


Quote 2

Eat, drink, man, woman. Basic human desires. Can’t avoid them.

                                                                                     -Eat, drink, man, woman

The film is directed by a Taiwanese Ang Lee. The story is about a father and his three daughters. By telling the story of this family, the film shows the conflict between the conventional ethtic and  instinctive desires. Because some of the desires of the character is being repressed for a long time. The movie also reveals the complicated relationship between two generations.

Orexis and erotism is human being’s instinct. Everyone has it. Instead forbidding in the conventional way, we should envisage them. But we can not abuse them either. So the human being must learn to balance them. That’s why I put the a “yin and Yang” as the background in the composition. The food , man women are in a balancing form.

Quote 3

Freedom, the fatuous jingle of our civilization. But only those of us deprived of it have an inkling of what it really is.

-Cloud Atlas

Liberty, when it is taken away, you will realize the value of it. I use chains to represent vicious power which is intentional to lock up the liberty.  The hand on the top is people who want to regain the freedom. It is the most concise and powerful design.

Quote 4

Because, believing in everything at once is the same thing as believing in nothing.

                                                                                                                                      -Life of PI

I design Pi as half tiger and half human. That means the wild side is always a part if human,no one can take away it,yet Pi can control and accept the it. As for the background ,I change is to a galaxy image. The reason is that there is a scene in the movie, (as shown below). It is at that moment,Pi understand the meaning of tiger. And he farewell to the past.