Project 2 – Hyperreal Self-Portrait


Final Work

Artist statement/concept

In this project I want to continue my concept in project 1. I’m eager to explore the world. There is a lot place I want to visit. Norway is one of them. And I really want to watch aurora there. That is why I set the landscape of Norway with aurora in the sky as the background. However, what I want to be and what I am are different or even on the contrary. As I grow older, I find that I am more attached to home and family.I seem to prefer to settle down in one place and don’t  move  any more.  That is the reason that I put a bed inside the suitcase. It is representing  the comfort zone of myself. When I go to travel, the suitcase contains all the staff I bring from from home.I is like a mobile home to me. It always bonds me and home together. The  suitcase also function as a port key that transfer me from comfort zone to where I eager to go.

Technical decisions

I used Nikon D7000 to take photo of myself and the suitcase.

Shuttle Speed: 1/1000, Aperture : f/4, ISO : 1600

In order to capture the moment I am jumping up, I choose to use continuous shooting. And to prevent the blur occurring in the image,I choose to use a very high shuttle speed and ISO. But there is some compromise of brightness in the photo. So in the Photoshop I have adjusted it accordingly.

Because my composition is including several separated elements. I have to select the part I need from each individual image. I choose to use mask which will remain the original photo in the psd file.

Artist References

Image result for up balloon house

At beginning, I want myself to sky diving in the sky. But I find out that it is too hard to photoshop myself as a  parachutist. And I was inspired by the movie Up Balloon House. So I decide to change to that I holding the balloons from that movie.

Some other reference:

Natsumi Hayashi, 本日の浮遊 Today’s Levitation

Image result for Natsumi Hayashi

Natsumi takes a lot of photo of levitating girl. Girls look very light and naturally floating in the air.I also try to present myself in this way.


Visual Storytelling – Mise en scene

Mad Max : Fury Road

This is the 4th movie of the series. It was directed by George Miller.It has won  most awards at the Oscar ceremony, including Best Film Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design,Best Makeup and Hairstyling,Best Sound Mixing ,Best Sound Editing.

This is the scene that Nux Crashes the car at canyon in order to block the  throttle to save Furiosa. He  is whispering “Witness me” before he sacrifices  himself.

It is a medium shot. He is placed in the center of the scence. It close enough to show his facial expression. And  it is also have enough space to show the gesture. From these two element I really can feel the solemn tragic impact.

Nux is one of the main character in the movie. He is a war boy in the Immortan Joe’s army. At the beginning he is fanatically believed in Immortan Joe. And he is willing to die for him.  Nux’s life is almost over because of the deadly tumors. When he sees Furiosas’ escape as the perfect opportunity to prove his devotion to Immortan Joe and entering afterlife in Valhalla.  Actually, he has said” witness me ” twice. The first time is when he plan committing suicide by crashing his car to Furiosa’s vehicle. But he failed. That time his face looks insane.It is unlike a human. he is just a war machine. Comparing to the first time, the second time his face become peaceful and solemn, we can see faith in his eyes.

Mad Max : Fury Road

Project 1 : Self-Portrait


Artist Statement

We define self – portrait as an image of ourselves. And we also can treat is a reflection of our interest and desire.

I choose to take picture of sea and bicycle. I want to portray myself as a ranger. I love the sky, ocean, and cycling. And blue is my favorite color now. The sky and ocean are infinite. Infinity is what I admire. Whenever I go to beach the waves will bring away all me annoyance. It will always remind me that I so small in between. But on the other hand,sky and ocean arouse the eager of exploration inside of my heart.

Technical Decisions

Camera: Nikon D7000

Setting: f/8, 1/5000s ,  ISO 1250, 18-105@22mm

Comparing to the original photo, I have enhanced the blue color. It makes the blue deeper and brighter. The biggest change is that I have erased the ships. Because I want to present is the vast of the sea. After removed the ships, you can not tell where is the end of the sea. It also gives back a clear horizon where sky the sea meet together. I just want to keep the main elements in the photo which are the sea , sky and bicycle. So I have removed the spots on the beach.

Artist References

For the composition, I was influenced by minimalism. It is simple but not hollow. Less of things may create more powerful visual impact.

Matthieu Venot


Hengki Koentjoro