Project 3 – Found Narratives – Sdreaming


1 Minute Version

30 Seconds Version

Artist Statement/Concept

Each dream comes from the first force (desire), but is defended and resisted by the second force (consciousness).I want to use stream of conscious way to show the character’s dreaming sensation. There is no detailed storyline  but the character’s subconscious is whispering around to present her inner world.

The character is suffering sleeping paralysis which means she  is aware but unable to move and hard to breathe. Sleeping paralysis usually occurs when a person is under  psychological stress.  In order to show the character ‘s mental pressure I use blueish color all the way in the video. because water is fluid. It is  related to the person’s dreaming subconscious. Although she is kind of awaken but she can not get out of the paralysis. The water is also help to blur the dream and reality.

One purpose of the use of water is to simulate the feeling of sleeping paralysis. The other purpose  of  it  is to make water stream as a  supplement of the character ‘s emotion.

In the beginning and ending, a  geometric  texture is blended with the water. The shape of the texture is regular so that it represent the character’s rational side while the water means subconscious.

Technical Decisions

Basically, my video is about a women’s memory fragment. So I choose to find all the footage I may need in my video. Then I go through all of them and pick up them in Premiere.

Because I want to  use water as a representation of her emotion . So I cut different fluid water scene to blend them with her memory.  Two layers overlay. And I reduced the fount layer’s opacity.


I have changed opacity according to the sound to show the uncertainty of the subconscious.


To  create the mood of the video. Blue is always related to gloomy emotion.



Artist Reference

Chungking Express

This movie is directed by Hong Kong director Karwai Wong. His movie always contains sketchy and  digressive scene. In Chungking Express , there are a lot of character’s narrative scene.  There is no specific event in the narration. But we can guess what is happened to the character from those sketchy words .The movie focus on the character’s spontaneous mind.  My conception is similar to his style .Bearing the detail of the event, I just let audience to imply the story behind.


Le Grand Bleu

My story outline is inspired by this film. Additionally, I change the the husband’s hobby from free diving to car racing.

And my  idea of using water scene to accompany with the storyline also come from this film.



I wish I had stopped him, help him distinguish the reality and ideal.

We have had such a good time. But…the quarrel is unavoidable.

Now, everything is irrevocable.

Premise of the Narrative

Although I didn’t tell  the story in the narrative I still created my ‘official’ version of the story.

The character’s husband is super crazy about car racing. Although they love each the husband still participated in the car racing more instead of his family. He finally died in a car accident during a racing only leaving the character alive in pain and yearning. And the character is very regret she didn’t persuaded him to be rational for car racing.




Le Grand Bleu

Dreaming Scene

Fast and Furious

Paul Walker car Racing scene

Jordana Brewster & Paul Walker – “Simple Incredible”

Under water background


Under Water surf

Night Car Crash Sound Effect

Scuba Diving Natural sound

Under the wave