4D_Project 2 Image and Text

The item I ‘v got is Tong Garden Cashew nuts and Macadamia. I was very glad when I picked it. Because it actually  is one of my favorite snacks.

The first impression nuts give me is healthy and rich in nutrition. And the nut can provide a lot of energy even if we just a few pieces.

So my advertisement composition will be based in on healthy and energy these two key word.

From the ad poster we can see a guy is work at night. We can guess that from the stuff on his table, coffee,lamp. Both of body and brain is tired  When people stay up to work . So at that moment we will need some refreshment. The Nuts will be a good choice. In this situation, I assume that the person in the composition is a programmer. Cashews and macadamia are flushing out from the package into  the programmer ‘s head.  At the right side the Nuts become coding  flying into the desktop’ screen. The slogan ” Perk up your coding” held p to interpolate the visual more. Code also means the living style.

In the presentation my classmate Qiuwen suggested a Slogan” Crack the nuts crack your coding”. I think it strong slogan for this print ads !





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