4D_Project 3_Thinking Sequentially

Actually for this project the content I want to shoot came to my mind before the the concept. When I first to  know the project, I want to take  a series photo of  the object with high-speed movement so that every frame reserve sthe details of  motion.

The two objects I choose are  rifle target and shuttlecock.

These 90 images show how a perfectionist’ s daily life. My character in this sequence is a programmer.She is programming in the midnight. she has a nap  while the program  is running. In this short nap she has two short dream. In one dream she practicing the shooting. She wants every shoot is Right on the target. The other dream is playing the badminton. She pursuing that the shuttlecock drops right inside the baseline.

Because the  sequential images can show the transition of the motion which means more details is being  presented. So I add in some particular action in the sequence, such the timing on the mobile phone in the beginning and the ending, the content of the last frame . I want all these subtleties to shape the personality of a perfectionist.




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