My Strange Encounter
Sandra Chevrier,The cage lined with disturbing red flowers

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Sandra Chevrier is a Canadian contemporary artist, known for her captivating collaged portraits of women from The Cages series.

what captivates me about this work is the gaze from the women. It has passed a strong message from her eyes which is women trying to find freedom from the imposed cages of society’s distorted prejudices and expectations of what a woman should or shouldn’t be, Chevrier uses paint and actual comic book to create this work. It is a  unique way to express the thought of artist.



Mu Duchou,Gamer

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Mu Duchou is a original independent artist in China. He don’t have a great fame. But his works inspire me a lot. For his production, he will DIY all necessary material ,make up for himself, take photos,at last proceed to the  digital post production.

What captivates me most is his creativity. As an artist he always can find the minor thing in the daily life and then put them into his creation. At first when I look at the work  I will feel a sense of loneliness among modern citizen . Then the photo let me think that everybody is hiding behind  and play the social game with each other.