Visual Storytelling – Mise en scene

Mad Max : Fury Road

This is the 4th movie of the series. It was directed by George Miller.It has won  most awards at the Oscar ceremony, including Best Film Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design,Best Makeup and Hairstyling,Best Sound Mixing ,Best Sound Editing.

This is the scene that Nux Crashes the car at canyon in order to block the  throttle to save Furiosa. He  is whispering “Witness me” before he sacrifices  himself.

It is a medium shot. He is placed in the center of the scence. It close enough to show his facial expression. And  it is also have enough space to show the gesture. From these two element I really can feel the solemn tragic impact.

Nux is one of the main character in the movie. He is a war boy in the Immortan Joe’s army. At the beginning he is fanatically believed in Immortan Joe. And he is willing to die for him.  Nux’s life is almost over because of the deadly tumors. When he sees Furiosas’ escape as the perfect opportunity to prove his devotion to Immortan Joe and entering afterlife in Valhalla.  Actually, he has said” witness me ” twice. The first time is when he plan committing suicide by crashing his car to Furiosa’s vehicle. But he failed. That time his face looks insane.It is unlike a human. he is just a war machine. Comparing to the first time, the second time his face become peaceful and solemn, we can see faith in his eyes.

Mad Max : Fury Road