Interactive Devices: Social Distancing Project (Analog)


“Face-to-face” done by Nasya and Wan Hui.

“Face-to-face” is an analog device that allows us to interact in a time of social distancing. Social distancing helps limit opportunities of healthy people coming into close contact with sick people, which reduces opportunities for disease transmission.

With “Face-to-Face”, it forces you and your friend to stay at least 1 metre apart, in order for both of you to be able to fully see each other’s face in the mirror. At the same time, this allows you to still keep the “closeness” of a face to face conversation as you will still be in the same physical space, while also minimising the spread of transmission due to not directly facing each other.

Sketches (Device and how it works):

Structure of the device:

Prototype: made with cardboard, masking tape, reflective paper, and wooden sticks

Video demonstration: Interactive Devices: Social Distancing Project (Video Demo)