History of Design Lecture 3 (Reflection 2)


Johnston’s Railway Type, Edward Johnston, 1916

Edward Johnston was a British calligrapher who played a large part in influencing 20th century typography and calligraphy, mainly in England and Germany (together with Rudolf Koch, a German Type Designer). He was commissioned by The London Underground Railway in 1915 to create a new alphabet, and he completed the design in 1916. This design is considered the first modern sans serif type based on the proportions of Classical Roman capitals.

I like this typeface because of its clean and sleek look. I think it is amazing that Johnston could design such a modern-looking typeface ahead of his time, allowing it to last through the years, and eventually fast forward 100 years later, the typeface was revamped into Johnston100. The Johnston100 is catered to the technological mediums of today’s world, in other words, more suitable for the digital screen.

Johnston100 Typeface:

For reference:



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