History of Design Lecture 5 (Overall Reflection)


History of Design was an interesting module. I learnt a lot about how visual communications came about, and I found it especially interesting to know how the fonts that we usually use were designed and created. (I prefer Sans Serif for its cleaner and sleek looks.) Some of the artists also had intriguing backgrounds, and learning about their different styles gave a lot of insights, and even though I’m not a visual communications student, I think that the concepts can be applied to product design and interactive media as well, because I believe all of the art forms work hand in hand. I also enjoyed the format of the teachings, where we are always given a list of key words. This helps a lot with the learning process as it is easy to link the words one after another. The quizzes also helped with registering the bulk of the information into our head. I also enjoyed the reviewing of the answers after the quizzes because it reminds me how bad I am at quizzes. (Oops) Overall it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thanks for teaching us Desmond 🙂

One thought on “History of Design Lecture 5 (Overall Reflection)

  1. desmond.pang

    Glad you enjoyed the classes! Hopefully this knowledge (of gd) will help in understanding different histories, as well as applying the knowledge in your future work!

    p.s. one of my favourite typefaces is Garamond. But there are thousands of typefaces around, try a new one for every assignment in ADM!

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