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Project 2 – Locale

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Project Brief:

  • Explore local neighbourhood to find out what makes the neighbourhood unique and some of the interesting features in the area
  • Project broken down into two parts:
    • Part 1: Research, sketches, collection of data, and then presenting the data in a visually engaging manner
    • Part 2: Creation of Zine

Project Aim:

  • Develop investigative research skills and present information in a visually engaging manner
  • Introduce inspiration and serendipity into creative development
  • Explore experimental formats and understand alternative layouts and grid formats
  • Learn more about binding methods and ways of putting together a self-made digital publication

Assigned place: Pasir Ris

For this project, we were tasked to work on our own neighbourhood, and since I stay in Pasir Ris, that was where I was researching on.

After we were assigned our respective locations, we had to choose an element(s) of design to work on for our final Zine.

Elements of design:

  • Line: path connecting 2 points together 
  • Shape: an enclosed area on a plane
  • Plane: a flat surface, of which lines, dots and shapes can lie on
  • Texture: how a surface looks/feels 
  • Value/Tone: darkness and lightness of an object/image (i.e. shadows and highlights)
  • Colour: result of light ✓✓

Since I stay in hall on weekdays, I could only take pictures of my neighbourhood during the weekends. With the limited time I had to take the pictures, I didn’t particularly focus on one element of design. I only had a general idea of what I wanted to look towards; Line, texture and colour. My plan was to just take as many pictures as possible so that when I’m in hall, I could work on finding a common trend in the pictures.

Here are some pictures that I took:

2A: Presentation

I decided to work on just the area around my block because, as I mentioned before, time constraints, and also because most of the time, I’m at home. The word “neighbourhood” to me also meant that it should be the area around a specific location (my home) which is preferably within walking distance. In addition, when people say “Pasir Ris”, the first thing that comes to my head is “Hey, that’s where I stay!”. Though in my opinion, Pasir Ris in general is actually quite big and it does have a significant amount of amenities that people may know Pasir Ris for.


Firstly, a brief introduction to Pasir Ris:

  • Located in the east region of Singapore
  • Originally a high key-lying, undeveloped area with Malay kampongs and villages like Kampong Bahru and the various Chinese kampongs along Elias Road
  • Landmarks in the area include Downtown East, Pasir Ris Beach Park & White Sands Shopping Centre

  • Pasir Ris can also mean “white sands” in Malay, as it is named after the long stretch of sandy white beach along the north-east coastline of Singapore, facing Pulau Ubin.

For my actual presentation, I showed the pictures I took (with added short captions).

 Click here for full presentation slides 

My presentation had a lot more pictures that I was intending to use. But as I worked, I narrowed it down even more to just “Blue and white”, leading to just the 4 slides above being used in my final zine, which will be discussed further in the second part of my CPJ below.


 Click here for 2B – Zine CPJ


My thoughts on my presentation:

I think my presentation was quite dull as compared to my peers, because everyone seemed like they had an idea of what was around in their neighbourhood, so they had an idea of what kind of pictures they would like to use/reference for their final zine. And all their presentation slides/infographics looked so aesthetic! (which was a bit disheartening :/) Mine was quite systematic, where it was mainly just pictures with words piak-ed on it. I think there is A LOT of room for improvement, in terms of how I presented my information, perhaps in a more engaging manner.





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