Assignment 5: Part 2 Product/ Service/ Design Concept using Place, Location and Ubiquitous technology

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Concept 1:


Tree Voice: Providing Environmental Engagement for Neighborhoods (Austin)

Tree Voice collects data on variables such as motion, temperature, noise, and pollution, all from a series of sensors placed on a tree. This data is used to make the tree “speak” through light and iconic images. The interactive display provides anyone the opportunity to engage with the tree and receive updates on their local environment. Citizens can also view the data through an online dashboard, which gives information about all the connected trees. The data can help in making decisions as basic as where to go workout in the evening or as substantial as where to buy a house. Eventually, Frog Austin sees trees having a voice in local government, and becoming influential in planning future cities that are data rich and environmentally intelligent.


Concept 2:


CompassGo: Guided Serendipitous Urban Exploration (Milan)

Frog Milan created CompassGo to help users discover unexpected places in an age where city-dwellers often pre-Google their destinations instead of exploring. When held in the hand, the device suggests and guides them through urban discovery by using smart-phone-synced personal data, GPS technology, and physical signals. The device reveals a general category – such as culture, food, or relaxation – before providing navigation to a hip clothing store, hole-in-the-wall café, or super-secret winery.


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