Final Project (Documentation and Outcome)

Mood Board:

Final moodboard and description

Vein-like qualities: smooth, tortuous, organic, fluid, connective networks

Sample- techniques:

  1. Batik
  2. Dyeing
  3. Fabric of Thread
  4. Dry Transfer Printing
  5. Bleaching
  6. Smocking
Batik (White cotton polyester brushed with melted wax, wax is cracked and fabric paint applied. Wax is ironed off when paint is dry)
Dyeing (Cotton polyester fabric wrapped crumpled on a bottle, olive green fabric dye)
Fabric of Thread (Twine and polyester fabric is placed between water soluble stabiliser sheets and white thread is machine-sewn on. Stabiliser is washed and remaining piece left to dry)
Dry Transfer Printing (Fabric crayon colour blocks are ironed onto polyester satin with twine and string as stencils)
Bleaching ( Black cotton fabric wrapped crumpled on a bottle, soaked in bleach and washed)
Smocking (Acrylic felt with smocking stitches hand-sewn)
Collage of Samples



Small Product: Clutch

Acrylic felt hand-sewn with smocking techniques to create a vein-like design
Details of the vein clutch
Final product

Presentation Boards:

Board 1: Moodboard
Board 2: Samples
Board 3: Applications


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