The Sacred Oddities (Research / Process)


I did some search about boxes design, here are some that gives me inspiration for my project.




I first did a very simple sketch on my sketchbook, then I straight away went ahead and did a 3D model on my 3D software, and I made the improvements from there.

After I confirm my design, I created a template for myself to make the model making process easier.

I use the template and made a sketch model using art card, to test out whether the important parts are able to work or not.


After the consultation with the sketch model, I further improve the design and made my final model.

I used the PVC sheet from artfriend as it is easier to cut compare to wood. (can be cut by penknife)

I used Car putty instead of wall putty to cover up the holes because Car putty is waterproof. so I actually can wash my box if I wanted to.

After putty, I sand it down. And finish the whole model.

so for the colouring, I spray 3 layers of primer and sand it down. After everything is smooth. I then spray the red paint on the model. The red paint gives a matt texture, but I want my model to look like a bento box which is gloss and reflects light. Hence I spray 5 layers of clear coat over the outer side of the box.

See my final post for the outcome!


Volumetric Transformation (Process II)

I have made my 3rd sketch model. 







Feedback after consultation

  • The model can be 2x bigger.
  • More planes can be added.
  • Have a second part at the bottom.
  • Use warm light.
  • The whole form can be more dramatic.

After consultation, I went back to make the changes in a 3D software.


Problem encountered

In order to make the whole form dramatic, I changed the angle of each plane. However, I then realized I can’t join the upper part and lower part together.

I then solved the problem by having a center spacer without teeth.

123-02Upper Part

123-01Lower Part

After finalized my form, I create the template for the model and started making the final model.



Volumetric Transformation (Process I)

Here are my 4 sketches, I did my design in a 3D software to have a clearer visual of the form. After that, I went on to make two sketch model using corrugated board.


Sketch Models 1






Sketch Models 2






Adding a light bulb in the model.


Will continue to make one more model, and then develop the one with the most potential.