Task 1

We were tasked to draw both the 3 sides of an object that was held, worn or carried, and then draw a two point perspective drawing of it.

For this assignment, I decided to use my mouse, which was interesting, due to its many curved lines and form.



Drawing with a scale of 1:1, I used a graph paper to draw the mouse. But this was not before measuring all the dimensions of the mouse.



Drawing of 3 sides



For the two point perspective, it had been harder to draw it as it could not be drawn to scale. Below are a few sketches I tried and experimented with.



Final Drawing


Folder of all pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18HSbRihF-H1J2cGuBRLGEXlQSM7wQlxu


Task 2

For task 2, it was pair work, and thus the process is under my groupmate’s post.