F3D – Assignment 2A – Polyhedron Dreams Final Project

Final Model

My final model is made with only thin wires, coiling to form planes. The bottom right of the model is more condensed while the top is loose, disintegrating at the top of the model. The wires at the top coil upwards from the plane, giving a sense that it is uncoiling from its structure.

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  1. – Yours is a good example of learning through doing both for the Planar model and the Combination model, in which only by testing your ideas out are you able to arrive in a well developed model

    – Your ideas were clear and the intentions helped to drive the compositions.

    – There is good effort in attempting a simple form in your final version of the Planar model, it worked well from all angles

    – In the Final Combination model, there is good effort in trying to achieve the intent. The uncoiling effect could have been further exaggerated and as mentioned, the model  may have worked better with a more Solid/Planar element to serve as back drop to the overall composition.

    – Good effort on the whole.

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