Form & Visualisation – Project 2B – Thinking Through Making Part 2

With Part 1 done, I wanted started to think of ideas for my second part. Really liking and being interested in the two objects below, I wanted to make my vessel based on them.

I later decided to focus on the bound chopsticks and thus began my part 2.


I unfortunately had much difficulty thinking of an idea. It had been suggested that I make a lantern like shape first and then see if I could work on it further.

I thus started doing some sketches and making a prototype, using collected yakult straws I had in my house that would have been otherwise wasted and thrown away.

The design on top in the first picture, and bottom in the second is the one that I initially planned and then attempted to do a prototype of.


It was a rather interesting shape, however, I wanted to make something that could actually be used, or turn into something that had more use than a lantern. Thus, I decided to make a bag instead, and then drew up the second design in the pictures of my sketches.  The above prototype however was also a fun experience as the smoothness of the straws actually made this prototype a challenge and also opened potential ideas, considering that the joints where able to be slid around freely. This is something I would like to experiment in the future.

Using the same, bound chopstick pattern, I first bound 2 of the same pieces, for the prototype, using straws. I found a reference which I really liked, which is the one shown below.

Sadly, as earlier mentioned, the straws had been too smooth and I hence made it using older chopsticks that had edges; something I did not want in my final piece. 

It had been too plain and I thus decided to the twine on all 4 sides instead of just two.

Deciding I liked the way it looked, I made a cleaner better version with rounded chopsticks to form the piece below. And doubled it, to be used for the frame.

Fooling around with the pieces, I really liked the way it connected when I placed it criss-crossed.

I thus made a piece that could be slot into the already made one. While it was able to stick together just through the arrangement and slotting, I added a tad bit of glue to ensure that it had been well secured.

I then did this for both sides, and then, tried to use the previous prototype to test out how to connect the pieces.

However, I did not really like this method of connection as I thought with the confusing pattern it would have been too boxed up and odd. Hence, I decided to only box up the sides.

Using a leftover carton box, I made a frame for the bag.

I then bought imitation leather, and weaved it.

And then, attached it to the cardboard, making a nice cover.

I then made the base blue, and this was roughly how the bag looked, with the frames crudely taped to the sides.

After this, I went on to add a handle as well as make the insides of the bag blue, using blue imitation leather. The below are pictures of the final product.




Clearer drawings may be found in the google drive folder in the link below. The orthographic drawings are done in a scale of 1:2.



Isometric drawings


2 pt perspective

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