After doing some fun versions of the Windbot, I decided for my final to be a Cat Toy that one can control from a distance away. Attaching a fluffy ball on a string to the end of the WindBot, the ZigSim controlled bot moves around erratically using gyro sensors on the phone, connecting to the servo motors using arduino. There are three 180 degree motors, each one reacting to one axis of the sensors on the phone.

Introducing KetPlay, a cat toy that allows you to play with your cat while still remaining at your desk for those boring meetings. KetPlay only requires your phone and one hand, letting your cat and you have fun even from afar.

Testing of the bot using ZigSim

Initial Ideas:

Cowboy on top of the stick, then having a WindBot fight with @Jessie’s WindBot.


TypeBot, WindBot and FollowMeBot Sketches


Considering ways of construction


Ideas for TypeBot:

  • Scanning colour of item then typing the colour
  • Listening to music, detecting title, then keeping list of songs heard
  • Working together with a face recognition camera, it detects the person who enters each room, then types the name of the individual like an attendance list



Ideas for FollowMeBot:

  • Follows person walking ard and aims at the head, attached to a mechanical toy gun that shoots a bullet at the detected person’s head
  • Instant camera that snaps a picture when a “peace” sign is detected
  • Accessories and filters change on the image of the virtual character when different gestures are detected


Ideas for WindBot: