Creative Industry Report – Nendo




After graduation, I see myself working in a design studio, preferably one that touches on a wide variety of works. I hope to be able to practice the skills learnt from school, but also have the freedom to continue exploring and experiencing new things. With this in mind, after much research, I found Japanese design firm Nendo to be exactly where I hope to work at.

Founded in 2002 by Oki Sato, Nendo’s works are often simple and minimalist in design, taking on subtle characteristics of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It was founded when Sato was only 25 years old after he graduated from Waseda University with a Masters of Arts in Architecture. Currently, Nendo has two offices, one in Milan, Italy and another in Tokyo, Japan.

The name Nendo actually means playdough in Japanese, representing the company’s shapeshifting and sculptural approach to design regardless of material. This is something I really enjoy about Nendo, the exploratory and artistic take on their works, and how they experiment with various different materials to make something new and unique. Sato mentions that Nendo’s designs are created with the idea of little surprises, similar to the way life has tiny moments of richness. This is something I also aim for in my work. I hope that while the work is simple and clean, it has a certain characteristic and quality to it that catches the attention of the user or participant.

In addition to this, Nendo touches upon various design pathways, doing Product, Spatial, Interactive design, and more. I admire the wide range of work they do, even within the pathway itself – making furniture, but also venturing into food products. Overall, Nendo would be a fun place to explore and learn, increasing my skill set and engaging my mind in creative ideas.



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