Dev & Planning – Week 1 Assignment (About Me)

1. Biography

My name is Tjoa Wei Lin, a Year 3 Product Design and Interactive Media student in the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University, looking for job opportunities in this field.

My passion lies in making functional artisan works, fusing form and function to create a well-rounded work. Being keen in creating highly conceptual works, I have a strong interest in exploring topics surrounding human nature and behaviour, usually creating intimate projects that are in relation to human presence and mind.

To accomplish my goals, I have refined skills such as model making, computer aided design rendering and worked with multiple software. These software include Unity, Processing, Arduino and HTML.

2. Link to Presentation Slides

Slides here!

3. Resume

Download my Resume here!

4. Inspiration

Slides on Alex Davies

Link to Alex Davies Site

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